What is 2,4-D

2,4-D is the most widely used herbicide in the world. 2,4-D is a main ingredient in products such as Trimec, Triplet, End Run, and Q4 Plus. This herbicide targets broadleaf weeds, allowing grasses and other plants to remain healthy and weed-free. Usages may include, but are not limited to, residential lawns, farms, roadsides, industrial areas, pastures, public parks, and aquatic systems.

Where is 2,4-D used?

The original patent for 2,4-D covered weed control in lawns and crops, but its use has been expanded to pastureland and waterways. Along with general weed abatement in residential areas, it is commonly used on farms and orchards that produce asparagus, apples, peaches, almonds, pears, strawberries, cherries, cranberries, and potatoes. It is applied on the weeds growing between rows of seeds and trees. In range and pastureland, this herbicide eliminates the weeds and cultivates the growth of grass for quality grazing of livestock. 2,4-D is also used in waterways where weeds have caused a detrimental effect on the water quality and the environment of wetlands. By eliminating the foreign plants, the health of waterways and wetlands can be restored without threat to the fish and wildlife.

How does 2,4-D work?

2,4-D is an auxin-type herbicide. It works on a cellular level by causing tissues in the plant to act similar to how cancer affects the human body. Once the plant is exposed, the cells that carry water and nutrients throughout the plant continue to divide and grow, which leads to extermination.

How safe is 2,4-D?

2,4-D was developed in the 1940s and has been researched extensively by the EPA, as well as by government and private organizations in Canada and Europe. It has been found safe for humans, pets, wildlife, and the general environment when used as directed. It's important to avoid contact while the chemical is wet however. When applying the herbicide, avoid exposure to the skin and wear a mask. Also, make sure to wash hands thoroughly after application. Avoid contact with treated area until the application area is completely dry.

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