What is Chlorantraniliprole ?

Chlorantraniliprole is a new reduced risk insecticide by Dupont. It has been classified as non toxic to birds, mammals, and fish. Chlorantraniliprole is a very targeted pesticide that has wide variations in effect on non target pests.

How it works:

Altriset is the first termiticide product featuring an active ingredient from the anthraniic diamide class of chemistry. This class was inspired by research into the insecticidal properties of a natural substance found in the bark of trees and shrubs of genus Ryania.Calteryx, the active ingredient in Altriset , is a synthetic compound that affects the ryanodine receptors in the insect musle fiber. These receptors regulate the flow of calcium into the cell cytoplasm to control muscle contraction. Altriset binds to the ryanodien receptor and causes it to remain open, resulting in a depletion of calcium ions that disrupts muscle contraction. Insect muscle paralysis leads to death. Altriset was designed to target the ryanodine receptors of specific insects such as termites. 

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