What is Diaphacinone ?

Diaphacinone is a first generation anticoagulant (multiple feed bait ). Rats and Mice must eat multiple feedings in order to receive a lethal dosage.

The new EPA regulation from June, 2011 does not effect Diaphacinone.

Ditrac Blox and Liqua Tox contains Diaphacinone.

Advantages of Ditrac Blox and Liqua Tox

Ditrac Blox with Diaphacinone has a lower risk for non-targeted animals since multiple feedings are required. Liqua tox is best used when there is not a competing water supply.

When to use Ditrac Blox

Ditrac Blox is best as a maintenance rodent bait, once you have killed off most of the population. Ditrac Blox with Diaphacinone works well as a monitoring tool as well.


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