What is lambda-cyhalothrin?
Lambda-Cyhalothrin is a synthetic pyrethroid. Synthetic pyrethroids are man-made inseciticides of the naturally occurring pyrethrins. Pyrethrins comes from Chrysanthemum flowers.

A synthetic pyrethoid is longer lasting than pyrethrins.Lambda-cyhalothrin is a colorless to a beige color. It may be odorless or have a mild odor. It has a low water solubility and is nonvolatile

How does lambda-cyhalothrin work?

Lambda-Cyhalothrin mode of action of kill is either by ingestion or contact, affecting the nervous system.By disrupting the nervous system of insects, lambda-cyhalothrin may cause paralysis or death

Lamba-cyhalothirn comes in liquids, granulars and dusts and may be combined with other insecticides.Lambda-cyhalothrin is a colorless to beige solid that has a mild odor. It has a low water solubility and is nonvolatile

Common Pesticides that have Lambda-Cyhalothrin: Cyonara CS, Demand CS, Cyzmic CS, Karate, Warrior

Lambda-cyhalothrin Toxicity

The Pesticide Label: Labels provide directions for the proper use of a pesticide product. Be sure to read the entire label before using any product. A signal word on each product label indicates the product's potential hazard.
CAUTION - low toxicity WARNING - moderate toxicity DANGER - high toxicity

Lamda-cyhalothrin has a WARNING moderate toxicity label.

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