Methoprene IGR


What is Methoprene?

Methoprene is an IGR( insect growth regulator) that prevents flea larvae and other insects from complete development.

How does Methoprene work?

Methoprene does not kill an insect, but acting as a growth regulator, mimics the natural juvenile hormone. The juvenile hormone must be absent in order for the larvae to change from pupa to an adult. With the presense of this juvenile hormone they are not able to continue to mature.

Which products contain Methroprene?

Flea Control :
Equil S-Methoprene 1.2 % Concentrate
Meteor IGR Concentrate, Precor IGR Concentrate
Precor 2000 Plus, and Petcor Flea Spray
Mosquito Control
Atosid Pro-G
Fire Ant Control
Extinquish Fire Ant Bait

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Can I use an IGR by itself?

You can use an IGR by itself, but you would not see immediate results.I GR's only attack the non-adult stages, inhibiting future growth and reproduction. Most IGRs are combined with an insecticide to control the adult stages for immediate control since an IGR does not kill the insect.

Getting Rid of Fleas with Methoprene

Methoprene as an IGR does not kill the adult fleas. Ideally, spray methoprene before a flea infestation starts as a preventive measure. Once a flea infestation has started, mix methoprene IGR with an insecticide ( adulticide) to kill the adult fleas that will continue to hatch for about 6 weeks.

Flea Life Cycle

As you can see in the picture below, there are many more unvisible flea stages (eggs, larvae and pupae stages) than the visible flea adults. Methoprene works at the larvae stage preventing them from going to the pupae stage.
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How toxic is Methoprene?

Even though Methoprene is very effective on fleas and mosquitoes, it has low toxicity as classified by EPA. As with all chemicals and insecticides read the label for safe usage.

How long can I store Methoprene?

Methoprene is long-lasting, inexpensive and relatively safe to use. It should hold up for about 3 years as a concentrate under moderate temperature in storage>

Getting Rid of Fleas with Methoprene

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