Propoxur , also know as Baygon has been around for quite a while and is classified as a carbamate. Carbamates are more toxic than other chemical families such as synthetic pyrethoids and neonicotinoids.

The cities of Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati have had a surge of bed bugs. Fortunately , there are many products for bed bug control that are less toxic.

Ohio petitioned ( April 2011 ) EPA for and emergency exemption on the product label containing propoxur to have bed bugs on the label, but was denied by EPA. It is speculated that EPA denied Ohio because of the availablity of neonicotinoids such as Alpine Aerosols and Phantom with lower toxicity and increased performance.

Porpoxur can also be found in flea and tick collars.

The risk with propoxur is that it is a Cholinesterase inhibitor (shuts down communication of the central nervous system).

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