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Agrisel Biophos Pro Fungicide Qt (32 oz)
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Agrisel Biophos Pro Fungicide -2.5 Gallon
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Product Information

Agrisel Biophos Pro Fungicide

Agrisel Biophos Pro Fungicide is a systemic fungicide that is quickly absorbed by plant foliage. This fungicide functions in both curative and protectant modes against many diseases found in greenhouses, nurseries, and landscape ornamentals. It controls such diseases as downy mildew, powdery mildew, greasy spot, Phytophthora, greasy spot, late blight and more.

Mode of Action

Agrisel's Biophos Pro Fungicide belongs to the phosphonate class of fungicides. There are two professional opinions of its mode of action. One group says that says that the fungicide directly affects the fungal pathogen. The other group maintains that it affects the fungus by stimulating the natural host defenses to prevent the disease.

Top Features

  • Environmental and User Friendly
  • Effective Economic Control
  • Multiple Diseases Controlled
  • Unique Patented Technology
  • Systemic: Foliar & Root Uptake
  • No color, odor or stains and No Aluminum ions
Product Label Label
Target Pest Controls certain diseases in ornamental, turf grasses and bearing and non-bearing agricultural crops BIOPHOS PRO Fungicide has been proven effective against a wide spectrum of pathogens such as powdery mildews (Oidium, Phyllactinia, Erysiphe and Sphaerotheca), leaf spots, stem cankers and scabs caused by Alternaria, Botryosphaeria, Cladosporium, Entomosporium, Elisinoe, and Taphrina, rusts caused by Puccinia and Cronartium, as well as root rots and blights caused by Pythium, Phytophthora and Thielaviopsis, and downy mildews. BIOPHOS™ PRO Fungicide can also be used for he control/suppressions of Erwinia fire blight and bacterial blights/leaf spots caused by Xanthomonas and seu- domonas.
Active Ingredient (s) Dipotassium phosphonate 20.0%
Dipotassium phosphate 22.67%
For Use : Nursery, greenhouse, turf grasses, landscape ornamentals, bearing and non-bearing agricultural crops.
Yield Varies upon uses. See label
Mixture|Application N/A


  • ORNAMENTALS - (Commercial and Agricultural Use) Apply BIOPHOS PRO Fungicide as a soil drench (0.10%-2% v/v) in water to wet the root zone, and as a foliar spray (1-2%) to run-off.A 1% dilutions is achieved by mixing 1 gallon of BIOPHOS PRO Fungicide with 99 gallons of water.A 0.1% dilution is achieved by mixing 12.8 oz. with 99.9 gallons of water. For drench applications, use 1 pint diluted in water per sq. ft. for soils 4-inches in depth or less, and 2 pints diluted in water per sq. ft. for soils with depths greater than 4-inches., Use the higher rate for greater disease pressure. make repeat applications every two to three weeks.
  •  (Residential; Home & Garden Use) For preventative control of certain diseases in ornamentals. For soil drench, apply BIOPHOS PRO Fungicide at a 0.5% dilution. Mix 1/8 cup (2 tbsp) of BIOPHOS PRO Fungicide per gallon of water, and apply with a watering can or other device so as to wet the root zone.
  • For foliar application, apply BIOPHOS PRO Fungicide at a 1% dilution. Mix 1/4 cup (4 tbsp) per gallon of water and apply with a hand or backpack sprayer. Apply to run-off. Make repeat applications every two to four weeks.
  • PLANT TOLERANCE - BIOPHOS PRO Fungicide has been found to be safe for representative plant species listed below; however many varieties and cultivars have not been tested. To determine whether BIOPHOS PRO Fungicide can be safely used on other plants or sensitive varieties/caltivars, test a small area first. See the label for a list of plants.
  • COMPATIBILITY - Do not mix BIOPHOS PRO Fungicide with any copper based fungicides or any sticker, extender, or welting agent. To determine the physical compatibility of BIOPHOS PRO Fungicide with any other product, use a small container to mix a small about (e.g.1 pint) of spray solution, containing all ingredients in the same order and ratio as the anticipated use. If any indication of physical incompatibility develops, do not use this mixture for spraying. Indication off incompatibility usually appears within 5-15 minutes after mixing. Read and follow all directions on this label and on the labels of any products for which a tank mixture id being considered. -
  • Application Rate: Begin spraying when environmental conditions are favorable for the development of disease or as indicated below. Preventative treatments are the most effective, and rotation with other registered fungicides is recommended. Do not apply above the recommended rates. Unless specified, there is no limit to the number of applications. Use a minimum of 25 gallons per acre in all applications. See label for the dilution rates.
  • TURF TANK MIXES - Summer Decline/Summer Stress Complex: Use BIOPHOS PRO Fungicide for a control of Summer Decline/Summer Stress caused b a complex of Pythium and Rhizoctonia diseases, and for control of Anthracnose caused by Colletotrichum, on turf grasses on golf courses, sod farms and other turf areas. BIOPHOS PRO Fungicide can be tank mixed with chlorothalonil fungicides at labeled rates, unless a product label prohibits such mixing. Apply as a foliar spray using 1-5 gallons of water per 1,000 sq. ft. as indicated in the label.
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