Alternatives to Fumigation for Powderpost Beetles

powderpost beetle

Fumigation is a fast and effective treatment method to get rid of powderpost beetles, but it can be expensive and only kills the currently active beetles. If you fumigate, look for pest control operators that are licensed for fumigation.

There are suitable alternatives that are more effective for the life of the wood. Under certain conditions, a borate based liquid insecticide such as Tim-bor or Bora-Care will work, especially if the treatment is given ample time to work or the cost to fumigate is not justified.

Benefits of Borate Liquid Insecticides:

  1. Borate insecticide is less expensive than fumigation.

  2. It lasts for the life of the wood. No need to retreat if the liquid is able to penetrate the wood.

  3. Works as a permanent treatment for crawl spaces and attics due to the thickness of wood used in those areas.

  4. Great for unfinished wood products that are not exposed to the elements.

Drawbacks to Borate Liquid Insecticides:

  1. If the wood has a finish, the finish must be removed so the insecticide can penetrate the wood.

  2. The thickness of the wood determines the difficulty in the effective treatment of active beetles.

  3. The treatment process lasts longer and does not kill the beetles immediately.

Fumigation is advisable when there is excessive powder-post beetle damage, or when quick rapid elimination of the insects is critical.

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Written by our resident pest control expert Ken Martin.

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