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Bar Defender Drain Gel-1 Bottle
Bar Defender Drain Gel-1 Bottle
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Bar Defender Drain Gel (Case of 6 Bottles)
Bar Defender Drain Gel (Case of 6 Bottles)
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Bar Defender Drain Gel

Bar Defender Drain Gel is a super-charged drain gel formula and a handy solution for the bar/food service industry in its war against fruit flies.The 4 oz bottle contains over 2 billion active bacterial spores that attack the breeding grounds of fruit and drain flies. These breeding grounds include fats, oils, and grease. It will not only improve the flow of the drains but improve drain odor. It is perfect for sinks, floor drains, soda fountains, floor sinks, floor drains and beer tap dispensers.

Packaging: 4 oz bottle or case of 6 bottles


Drains: Pour one 4 oz bottle of Bar Defender Drain Gel down each drain every two weeks. For best results, pour around the thickened gel around the edge of the drain. For smaller drains, like hand washing sinks, beer tap, and soda fountain dispensers, use 2 oz once a week. If you have a heavy fruit/drain fly season, use a 4 oz bottle every week to floor sinks and floor drains.

  • Keeps drain lines clear by destroying fats, oils, and grease by digesting the organic waste.
  • Removes drain odors and will improve the flow of all drains.
  • All Natural, no pesticides
  • Thickened formula coats drain lines to attack build-up
  • Safe for all plastic and metal drains.
  • Clings to the side of pipes.
  • Salmonella Free
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Packaging 1- bottle or case of 6 bottles
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