Image 70 DG Selective Herbicide -Discontinued

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 Image 70 DG Selective Herbicide -Discontinued
Image 70 DG Selective Herbicide -Discontinued
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Image 70 DB is discontinued. You can find Scepter T&O 70 WDG, with Imazaquin 70.0% as an alternative.

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Image 70 DB is discontinued. You can find Scepter T&O 70 WDG, with Imazaquin 70.0% as an alternative.


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Image 70 DG Selective Herbicide-Discontinued

Please visit other selective post-emergent herbicides.

Image 70 DG herbicide is made of a high concentrate of Imazaquin 70%. Image 70 DG comes with a tip and measure cup. Image 70 DG is a selective post-emergent herbicide that gets those summer weeds that are determined to survive, where other herbicides just aren't working. Such hard to kill weeds are purple and yellow nutsedge, field sandbur, dollarweed and green kyllinga.

How does Image 70 DG Work?

Image is an ALS inhibitor, inhibiting a key enzme needed for plant growth, so the weed dies. It is absorbed through roots and foliage, moving throughout the plant.


70% DG (Disperible Granule)

How long does it take to work?

You will start seeing symptons in 1-2 weeks and control in 3-4 weeks.In perennial weeds, the herbicide is translocated into and kills underground tubers, rhizomes and other storage organs.

Tips to success

  • Combine with a nonionic surfactant added at 2 pts/100 gallons of water.
  • Irrigation /rain will enhance activity.
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Target Pest

Summer Weeds: Field Sanbur, Perennial/Annual Ryegrass-overseeded, Globe Sedge, Green Kyllinga, Rice Flatsedge, Purple Nutsedge, Yellow Nutsedge.

Image also aids in controlling and reducing competion from : Dollarweed, Tall Fescue, Violets, Annual Sedge and Virginia Buttonweed.

Winter Weeds: Time applications to follow first frost.: Black Medic, Buttercup, Common Chickweed, Mouseear Chickweed, Cutleaf Evening Primrose, Carolina Geranium, Dovetail Geranium, Hairy Bittercress, Henbit, Knawel, Lawn Burweed, Parsely Piert, Purple Deadnettele, Red Sorrel, White Cover,Wild Garlic, Wild Onion

Active Ingredient (s) Imazaquin 70%
For Use : Can be used on established lawns, golf courses, sod farms, commerical and residential turf of Bermudagrass, Centipedegrass, St. Augustine, seashore Paspalum and zoysiagrass. Also for use around selected landscape ornamentals (see label).
Yield about 1 acre
Mixture|Application Image should be applied at a rate of 0.2 ounces to 0.26 ounces per 1000 square feet (8.6 ounces to 11.4 ounces per acre). The high-use rate should be practiced where heavy weed infestation occurs.

Spot Spraying

Using a sprayer (pump or backpack) mix 1/2 oz per 3 gallons of water. About 1.5 gallons of finished solution will cover 1,000 sq ft.

Uniformly apply Image and avoid overlaps when spraying. To avoid drift into desirable plants such as flowers or others, use a marking dye to see where you have sprayed, so you don't harm the other plants. Irrigation or rainfall of 0.25 to 0.5 inches is suggested within 1 to 7 days of application to wash Image into the shoot/root zone where the greatest weed control activity occurs.

Image can also be applied without harm around and over a wide variety of ornamentals. For a complete list, consult the product label.

Retreatment As needed
Shipping Restrictions AK, CA, CT, MA, NJ, NY, VT

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