Walt's Bed Bug Kit

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Walt's Bed Bug Kit
Walt's Bed Bug Kit
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Walt's Bed Bug Kit contains a combination of products to get rid of bed bugs. For residential and commercial use. Treats 1-2 bedrooms twice.


  1. Nuvan Pro Strips 16 gram x 12  packs
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  3. Bedlam Plus Aerosol
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  5. ShuBee Black Gauntlet Silver Edition Black Nitrile Gloves
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  • Nuvan ProStrips 16 gram x 12 packs $65.95
  • Bedlam Plus Aerosol Insecticide $25.50
  • Black Nitrile 5 Mil Gloves Large Size (5 Pairs) $5.50

Pro Tips
Pro Tips & Quick Tricks

This kit includes everything needed to treat one to two bedrooms except a sprayer and encasements for the mattress and box springs. Use Crossfire along the edges of the floor and under the bed. The Cimexa dust is applied in cracks and crevices, such as along the tack strip on carpeted floor, behind the molding on hardwood, in and around electrical outlets, and around door encasements. The Doxem NXT Aerosol is used in nightstands and dressers. Spray the edges in and under the drawers. Make sure you remove personal items. The dust is a one-time treatment. The Crossfire and Doxem NXT Aerosol should be treated two more times.
Since inspection and detection of bed bugs are important in bed bug control, bed bug monitors and detection traps can track the progress of bed bug treatments. They are also handy to determine if there is a bed bug infestation in a given area.

Product Information

Walt's Bed Bug Kit contains a combination of products to get rid of bed bugs. For residential and commercial use.

Treats 1-2 bedrooms twice.

This Bed bug Kit comes with everything you need to eliminate bed bugs.

In this kit, you will find the following items:

  • 1- CrossFire Bed Bug (makes 4 quarts-1 Gallon) + 1 Qt Sprayer
    CrossFire Bed Bug Insecticide combines two active ingredients with two different modes of action that kill bed bugs. Both active ingredients attack their nervous systems. This new combination of active ingredients combats pyrethroid-resistant bed bugs. It gives you a quick kill (within 5 minutes) and keeps killing bed bugs with its residual ingredients (30 days). It will affect all the stages of the bed bugs (adult, nymphs, and eggs).
  • 1 -Cimexa Dust CimeXa Insecticide Dust kills bed bug adults and nymphs, killing bed bug nymphs hatched from dusted eggs.
  • 1-Doxem NXT Aerosol
    • Doxim NXT Aerosol is a premium ready-to-use solution with four unique modes of action and four active ingredients. It is formulated with no-repellent active ingredients (Indoxacarb and Imidacloprid) and two insect growth regulators (Novaluron and Pyriproxyfen)
    • Can not be shipped by Next day or 2nd day air since it has an aerosol.

    Since inspection and detection of bed bugs is important in bed bug control, bed bug monitors and detection traps can track the progress of bed bug treatments. They are also handy in determining if a bed bug infestation exists in a given area.

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    Target Pest

    Bed Bugs

    Inspection Check List:

    • Cracks and crevices in head and foot boards, attached side railings and supports
    • Inspect mattresses top, sides and bottom. Check all buttons, seams and rips.
    • Inspect electrical switch plates, pictures on walls, wall posters
    • Inspect cracks in plaster or seams in wall paper.
    • Inspect electrical appliances-radios, phones, televisions, ect.,looking in hiding places.
    • Inspect tack strips under wall-to-wall carpeting and behind baseboards
    • Inspect secondhand beds, bedding, and furniture. The newer better built mattresses do not offer as much shelter and protection for the bed bugs to hide.
    Active Ingredient (s) N/A
    For Use :

    Residential or Commercial. Beds, bedrooms, couches, furniture, bed stands, headboards, foot boards, cracks and crevices, mattresses. Various products in this kit have distinct uses, please see instructions for details.

    1. Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate
      • Mix 3.25 ounces of Crossfire  with one quart of water (qt sprayer included in the kit).Thoroughly, spray this solution of Crossfire into the small cracks and crevices where bed bugs hide. Typical areas include bed frames, inside empty dressers and nightstands, foot boards, inside closets, along with carpet edges, wallpaper edges, wall moldings (low and high), pictures, mirrors, bookcases, furniture, door frames and window frames. Ninety-five percent of bed bug activity occurs near occupied beds. The bed bugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide that is exhaled at night.
      • You may use Crossfire on mattresses (after removal of bed linens). Wash the linens before use. Spray the Crossfire along the seams, edges, tufts, and folds until moist. Allow the Crossfire mixture to dry before remaking the bed. Do not spray Transport on bed linens or clothes. You may treat furniture, particularly in the folds or difficult to access areas, but do not apply to areas where there is direct access to seating areas (like seating arms, tops of cushions).
    2. Cimexa Dust is a ready to use dust that is ideal for use on  the mattress and box springs. Fill the duster half full. First shaking and then squeezing the duster will create a fine dust that resembles smoke. This is just what you want for dusting the mattress. Pay particular attention to seams, folds, and stapled fabric under the box springs. The joints where the rails and headboard connect are also prime hiding areas for bed bugs. You may need to remove the fabric under the box spring to access the inner springs. The mattress is safe to sleep on once it's covered with a sheet.
    3. Doxem NXT is an insecticide that is designed for use in small cracks and crevices. You should spray around and under the bed and along baseboards near the bed. Do not spray bed linens. After removing the drawers from the furniture spray the inside of the cabinetry as well as the bottom and sides of the drawers. Do not treat inside the drawers. The clothes in the drawers should be removed and laundered. You should retreat in 10-14 days. Remember to read and follow all label instructions.
    Yield 1-2 bedrooms twice
    Mixture|Application Spray and Dust
    Retreatment 3 times, 10 days apart
    Shipping Restrictions AK, CA, HI, NY

    Can not be shipped by expedited choices, per air regulations.

    More Instructions Important!! Do all of the treatments (as described below) 3 times, 10 days apart.
    Bed bugs come out to feed every few weeks, so retreament is critical.

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