Chapin Spreaders


Whether you have a small vegetable garden or a large tract of land, there is a chapin spreader that is made for your application.

The economical Chapin Hand Crank Spreader is perfect for small jobs and can handle fertilizer, seeds, or ice melt products. Got a job bigger than that? The Chapin SureSpread Bag Spreader is the one you want. It features a water resistant zippered bag and enclosed gears to protect them from the elements. It's probably the best choice for homeowners treating an average lawn. If you are a landscaper or have a lot of spreading to do then the Chapin All Season SureSpread Professional Spreader will be the best choice. We like the fact that it has an 80 pound hopper, pneumatic tires, and the Edge Control feature.

We have carried Chapin products since 1982 and continue to carry them because they are known for quality.

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