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Cool Power -32 oz
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Cool Power Selective Herbicide

As its name suggests, Cool Power Selective Herbicide is made for cool- weather conditions, making it an ideal solution for winter weed control, early season application in transition zones and dormant warm season turf.

It combines three powerful active ingredients (MCPA, Triclopyr, and Dicamba) for post-emergent control of a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds such as chickweeds, dandelions, spurge and oxalis.

  • Premium ester formulation for cool-weather weed control
  • Can be used in 2,4-D sensitive areas
  • Maximum weed control power in early spring and fall extends spray season
  • Contains triclopyr to control hard-to-kill weeds like ground ivy and wild violet
  • Can be used for spot treatment under warmer conditions
  • Tank-mix compatible with most liquid fertilizers and iron (Compatibility test required)


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Target Pest
  • Beggarweed, Bindweed, Black medic,Buckhorn, Burdock, Buttercup, Canada thistle,Carpetweed, Catnip, Chamise, Chickweed,Chickory, Cinquefoil, Clover, Cocklebur,Coffeeweed, Cornflower, Cornspeedwell,Dandelion, Dock, Dog fennel, English daisy,Florida pusley, Frenchweed, Goldenrod,Ground ivy, Hawkweed, Healall, Heartleafdrymary, Henbit, Jimsonweed, Knawel,Knotweed, Kochia, Lambsquarter, Lespedeza,Little Starwort, Mallow, Matchweed,Morningglory, Mustard, Oxalis (Stricta andcorniculata), Parsley-piert, Pennywort,Pepperweed, Pigweed, Plantain, Poison ivy,Poison oak, Purslane, Ragweed, Red clover,Red sorrel, Sheep sorrel, Shepherdspurse,Smartweed, Sowthistle, Speedwell, Spiderwort,Spotted catsear, Spurge, Spurweed, Stingingnettle, Stitchwort, Thistle, Toadflax, Veronica,Vetch, Wild aster, Wild carrot, Wild garlic, Wildgeranium, Wild lettuce, Wild onion, Wild radish,Wild violet, Wood sorrel, Yarrow
  • Many other broadleaf weeds


Active Ingredient (s) MCPA, 2-ethylhexyl ester 56.14%, Triclopyr, butoxyethyl ester 5%, Dicamba 3.6%
For Use :
  • Cool SeasonTurf (Avoid application to Centipede or St. Augustinegrasses unless turf injury can be tolerated)
  • Golf Courses (fairway, aprons & roughs) (Excluding Bentgrass tees), Parks, Cemeteries, Athletic Fields, Non-crop areas
  • See label for complete list
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application N/A
  • Apply COOL POWER SELECTIVE HERBICIDE at the rate of 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 pints in 20 to 240 gallons of water per acre (0.91 to 1.29 fluid ounces in 0.5 to 5.5 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet) to control weeds growing in turf planted to Bluegrass, Fescue, Rye, Bent (excluding golfgreens and tees), Bahia, Bermuda, and Zoysia.
  • When treating warm season turf that is completely dormant, the higher rates may be used.
  • When treating warm season turf that is actively growing, use a lower rate.
  • Avoid applications to warm season turf during transition from dormancy to green-up or green-up to dormancy
Shipping Restrictions AK, CA, DC, HI
More Instructions See label for precautions and use restrictions

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