Country Vet CV-80D Aerosol

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Please consider CB 80 Insecticide Aerosol as an alternative.
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Country Vet CV-80D Aerosol
Country Vet CV-80D Aerosol
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Country Vet's CV-80D, with 0.5% pyrethrins provides a fast contact kill for many flying and crawling insects.

Product Information

Country Vet CV-80D Aerosol

Country Vet's CV-80D, with 0.5% pyrethrins provides a fast contact kill for many flying and crawling insects. It quickly kills Stable Flies, Horn Flies, Flies, Gnats, Mosquitoes, Face Flies, Horse Flies, Barn Flies, Asian Beetles, Cluster Flies, Cockroaches, Lice, and Fleas. It also has a label to spray on some livestock. It is mainly for use in farm and dairy operations, kennels, stables, beef cattle operations, hog operations and animal quarters.

Top Features

    Quick Knockdown-Contact Kill
  • Contains no CFCs (that deplete ozone layer)
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Target Pest Flies, Mosquitoes, Small Flying Moths, Gnats, Cockroaches, Fleas, Asian Beetles, Barn Flies, Deer Flies, Stable Flies, Horn Flies, Horse Flies, House Flies, Face Flies, Lice and Cluster Flies
Active Ingredient (s) Pyrethrins 0.5 %
Piperonyl Butoxide, TECHNICAL..............4.00%
For Use :
  • May be used in : Beef Cattle Operations, Dairy Farms, (including Milk House, Milk Parlor, Loafing Sheds and Holding Lot), Hog Operations, Kennels, Barns, Stables, Farms, Animal Quarters, Milkrooms and Poultry Houses
  • ANIMAL USE: For animal application, lightly mist over back of horses and ponies from a distance of 2 feet. Do not spray directly toward the animal's face or eyes. Repeat application daily or as necessary.
  • ANIMAL USE: (Do not spray sick animals): Thoroughly spray entire animal from approximately 2 feet distance. Do not spray directly toward animal's eyes. Spot treat withers, shoulders, and back where saliva accumulates from head tossing.
  • Not for Use: Residential, Restaurant, or Commercial Use (except farm, dairy, or kennels and catteries)
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