Repellent Insecticides

Repellent Insecticides for Ant Control

When choosing an insecticide to use against ants, there are two types to choose from: Repellent insecticides and non-repellent insecticides. Repellent insecticides are the most commonly used insecticides for most insects and have been for many years. They have, however, become less popular since the advent of the non-repellent products, but they can still be a useful tool in the battle against ants. Since ants can easily detect repellent insecticides, they will quickly learn to avoid them. This is particularly useful when the ant colony is outdoors and ants are entering for food or water, as it forces them to abandon their trail. If the ant colony is indoors, repellent products may fence in the ants, keeping them inside and making the problem seem even worse.

In these cases, a non-repellent should be used.

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