Aerosol Usage in Bed Bug Control

One of the most useful products against bedbugs, aerosol sprays equipped with a crack and crevice straw allows applicaton of insecticides deep into bed bug hideouts. Their portability and ease of use makes aerosol insecticides a excellent choice for the detail work required to eradicate bed bugs. Such precise placement of the insecticide increases the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

With products ranging from Bedlam Plus, known for it's quick kill and long lasting residual action, to Alpine Aerosol and it's extremely low toxicity, there is a formulation for every situation. Zenprox Aerosol and Talstar Aerosol are new aerosol products that combine multiple ingredients to combat bed bug and pesticide resistance. The industry is abuzz about their effectiveness, safety, and affordability.

 Feel free to call us for specific recommendations for your situation.

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