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Carpet Beetles - Found in Clothes and Wool Rugs

Most of the beetle control products that we carry are concerned with carpet beetles that attack fabric and rugs and pantry beetles found in your pantry area. There are three types of common carpet beetles, the Black carpet beetles, Varied carpet beetles, and Furniture Carpet Beetles. Carpet Beetles rarely bite humans or live creatures. They feed on hides, leather, wool, etc products.

We recommend X Lure Fabric Insect Trap, D-Fense SC, Archer IGR, PT Alpine for D-Fense Dust for carpet beetle control.

Click here, Fabric Pest, for detailed information of the different types.

Pantry Beetles - Found In and Around Pantries

The most common pantry beetles are Confused Flour Beetles, Red Flour Beetles, Cigarette Beetles, Drugstore Beetles, Sawtooth Beetles, and Merchant Grain Beetles.

For pantry beetle and weevil control, we recommend lures and traps, such as Invite Lure or Pantry Patrol. If needed, you can also use aerosols such as Phantom, Microcare or Alpine to spray in cracks and crevices.

Click here, How to Get Rid Of Pantry Beetles, for more information.

Pine Beetles

Most university websites and local state extension agencies recommend removing infested trees. If you use chemical applications, you must get to the crown of the trees and spray to points of runoff. The challenge would be getting equipment high enough to spray these tall trees. For small stands of trees, you can spray into the crown with Bifen XTS or Permethrin SFR

Carpet Beetle and Pantry Beetle Control



First Step : Inspection and Cleaning

Carpet Beetles: Inspect undisturbed and dark places such as under baseboards, air ducts, bird nests, stored grains, as well as in your closet for furs and woolens. You are looking for the larvae that do the damage to the fabrics. They can even be found in wasp nests, animal trophies, wall voids, and piano felts!  The places where they can hide can be extensive. They will migrate to any area where there is a natural food substance found in dried meats, powdered milk, grains, wool, hair, and even feathers. Remove as much of the organic material such as the food stuffs and animal hair that could serve as a food source for carpet beetles.

Pantry Beetles: Look in your pantry for a likely food source of the Pantry Beetles. Pantry beetles can feed on such food stufts as nuts, pastas, pet foods, grains, cereals, dried beans, potatoe chips and even dead insects or dead animals.These beetles feed on a wide range of food products, including pet foods, cereals, cookies, candy, nuts, dried legumes, pastas, spices, potato chips, crakers, dead insects and even dead animals. Dispose of infested foods.


Second Step: Traps and Insecticides


Carpet Beetles: After the clean up and inspection, you can use labeled residual insecticides on the infested carpets, rugs and furniture. An areosol that is very safe as well as effective with a crack and crevice tip would be, Zenprox Aerosol, sprayed into cracks and crevices. In addtion to the safety features of Zenprox, it is a non-repellent. The insects do not know it is present, so they can not avoid it. If you need a broader base control, use a residual insecticide concentrate such as D-Fense SC. D-Fense SC is a concentrated residual insecticide that you mix with water inside a hand pump sprayer. You would use it as a spot treatment or as a spray for broader areas. You can use D-Fense SC for the treatment  many types of insects. D-Fense SC  is odorless. Do not use insect growth regulators (IGRS) because they only extend the larvae stage of the various carpet beetles. The larvae stage (worm like stage) is what does the damage to your clothes and fabrics. You can use a dust such a use CimeXa Dust with a hand duster, dusted in cracks and crevices, but this method may be messy.

 For more information about carpet beetles and fabric pests: Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles and Fabric Pests

Pantry Beetles: Use pheromone traps that will attract the male pantry beetle. We have two types, the stickly glue board type or a liquid pitfall trap. We recommend the Invite Multi Lure or the Pantry Patrol Pheromone Traps. The best recommendation is Invite Multi Lure with Trapper Monitors.

You can also use an aerosol with a crack and crevice straw tip attached. We recommend Alpine PT or Phantom Aerosol. Both these insecticide aerosols are non-repellents (the insects do not detect it) and have a residual effect. Spray into the recessed areas and cracks and crevices.

For more information about pantry beetles: Get Rid Of Pantry Beetles





Prevent Carpet Beetles

Before storing wool coats and other woolens, make sure to launder them or dry clean them. Any perspiration or food spots are prime targets for these fabric pests. Never use insecticides on your clothing in order to treat for carpet beetles.


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