Centipede Control



Centipedes are also called "100 leggers". Each body segment has one pair of legs. Centipedes prefer damp conditions under stones, boards, leaves or in mulch around plantings. They may wander inside homes if they are found around the foundation.

Long Term Control

Long term control of Centipedes is achieved by removal of breeding sites. Remove the mulch, leaves, wood piles and other breeding sites. Once the area is cleared, apply Avesta CS or Cyzmic CS at the rate of 1/2 ounce per gallon of water. Spray all the entry points of the house and spray a 3-6 foot swath of yard around the house. Inside, spray door thresholds, baseboards and any area where the centipedes are sighted.

Chronic infestations: In addition, to the insecticide spray, use D-Fense Dust inside the wall voids and seal the entry points with Pur Black NF Foam.

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