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Cricket Control

Crickets are considered occasional invaders. There are various types of crickets that can be pests such as the House cricket, Field cricket, Camel (camel back) cricket, Mole Cricket and more. Crickets are closely related to cockroaches, as both have a gradual metamorphosis. The younger crickets, called nymphs, look like the adults, but the wings are not fully developed.

Mole Crickets

The Southern mole cricket damages turf by tunneling through it in search of food. Mole crickets can feed a little below the soil surface on roots or at the soil surface in turf areas. Mole crickets mate in spring and early summer. The females lay eggs in the soil afterwards. If is best to apply insecticides in mid-June- July. At this time, the mole cricket eggs have hatched , and the nymphs(mole crickets that are immature) are not yet large enough for much turf damage.

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