Millipede Control


Millipede Control Insecticide Applications

Indoor applications of insecticide may cause the millipedes to die a little quicker but won’t stop them from coming in. Treating the exterior perimeter of the home along with sealing entry points is the best approach to keep them out. Also spray around foundation vents, utility openings, underneath sidings and around crawl space doors and along entryways. In addition spray a 3 to 6 foot wide area of ground along the foundation in mulched, ornamental plant beds and grassy areas. Getting the chemical into the ground is the goal. Since mulch may absorb and tie up a good portion of the insecticide, it is recommended to rake the mulch back before applying the insecticide. A hose-end sprayer may be the best choice for putting out the large volume of liquid insecticide needed to penetrate the ground.

Another effective treatment method is to apply a granular insecticide around the structure and water it in heavily.

As with all pesticides, follow the directions on the product label

Top recommended products, Avesta CS and Bifen LP

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