Springtail Control


Springtails are very small wingless insects in the order Collembola. They can appear in large numbers in damp soil and organic matter such as mulch, leaves, and pine straw. They will often make their way into homes where they are quite a nuisance. Their name comes from the small appendage tucked under them which when flexed causes them to hop great distances. The best means of control is inspection , mechanically finding their nest areas and excluding if possible.


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Control Measures: Mechanical Means and Inspection

Springtails prefer to eat mold and fungi

  • Lower humidity, since they like humid conditions. Ventilation or airing the rooms may be sufficient.
  • Clean up any moist places, like loose floor boards
  • Inspect and eliminate possible habitations they may cause fungi and mold:
    • Inspect damp basements, crawl spaces or wall voids
    • Look under cork insulation, kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks , bath traps
    • Inspect soil of potted plants
    • Look under log piles, mulch and moist soil
  • Exclusion:
    • Vegetation outside needs to be cut back from your home if possible.
    • Gaps sealed with caulk or putty will help to exclude them.

Suggested Insecticides To Use

If after correcting the moisture and decaying vegetation, perimeter spraying can be helpful in setting up a barrier .

  • Perimeter:To help springtails from entering a building use FenvaStar ECO Cap (makes 4 gallons), , Onslaught Fastcap (makes 16 gallons), or Transport sprayed around the structure.
  • Inside: If the infestation is extremely severe or for a quick temporary knockdown of the population use an aerosol such as Alpine Aerosol or Talstar Aerosol for immediate relief.
  • Getting to the Outside Source: Use Demand G granules on nesting areas outside, under pine straw and mulched areas. These granules will wash down to the source of the springtail nest.
  • More Springtail Information
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