Termite Aerosols


Termite Aerosols

Aerosol sprays are excellent tools for killing termite workers or winged reproductives that are in the wood.

Traditional Aerosols and Foam Aerosols

There are two basic types of aerosols for termite control: Traditional Aerosols and Foam Aerosols.

Traditional aerosols don't expand as much as Foam Aerosols but still do a good job of killing termites on contact. All of the aerosols that we sell come with a crack and crevice straw or hose for injecting the chemical through small openings.

Foams typically have a high expansion ratio, so they are very economical to use. One 20 ounce can of foam will produce about 20 quarts of foam! When you are injecting aerosols into wall cavities, be mindful of electrical wires and outlets to avoid electrical shock. Always read and follow the product label directions .

Localized Termite Treatments

If you are treating for subterranean termites, remember that localized aerosol treatments are intended as supplements to the main termite treatment plan. Aerosols labeled for termite control do not substitute for termite bait systems, soil treatments or foundation treatments.

If you just want to stop the winged termites from flying all over the place, then aerosols are the perfect choice.

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