Termite Foams


Benefits of Using Foam in Termite Control

Foams labeled for termite and ant control are able to penetrate in areas such as hard to reach void areas. Termite foams can fill in void areas and make these areas unavoidable to insects such as termites and ants.

When To Use Termite Foam?

Each termite control project will differ in some aspects. The time to use a termite foam is when there is an area that is inaccessible; the foam will be able to travel to the hidden area, spreading and expanding the insecticide.

How To Use Termite Foam

We carry foaming equipment as well as ready to use termite foams. For the pest management professional and those doing large termite jobs, it may be best to invest in a foamer and use termite insecticide concentrates mixed with foaming agents in a foaming equipment.

Suggested Foamers:Suggested Foaming Agents:Suggested Insecticides::

For smaller applications and spot applications, the ready to use foamers are perfect. We carry Alpine Foam, Premise Foam and soon to be released Termidor Foam.

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