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EcoVia WD- 8 oz
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Product Information

EcoVia WD Botanical Insecticide- Research Based and Tested

EcoVia WD botanical insecticide with thyme oil is a broad spectrum insecticide. This versatile and flexible product is a wettable dust that can be dusted or mixed with water as a wettable powder spray. EcoVia WD targets a wide range of insects for residual protection.

Eco Via WD is National Organic Program Compliant and is an FIFRA 25(b) exempt insecticide. EcoVia WD has been formulated through scientific research and tested in practical and real world applications. Eco Via WD is a minimum risk product that may be used both inside and outside. This organic compliant product is ideal in locations where there are pyrethroid or neonicotinoid application restrictions.

Top Features

  • Versatile formula can be used directly as a dust or as a wettable powder
  • Broad label includes indoor, outdoor and livestock facilities use
  • Perfect for spraying on boat docks and other sensitive areas for spider control
  • Great for dusting attics and spraying entry points to repel occasional invaders
  • No pyrethroid or neonicotinoid use restrictions
  • Product Brochure

General Pests-Indoors

Apply EcoVia WD in areas where pests travel, hide, rest or enter into structures. It may be used as a dust or applied as a low-pressure spray. Spray into cracks and crevices, in corners, storage areas, under baseboards, and around utility pipes. Spray around windows, doors under sinks, under refrigerators, etc. Repeat as needed.

General Pests-Outdoors

You may spray EcoVia WD to surfaces of buildings with hand or power equipment. Apply as a spray around foundations, doors, window frames, eaves, refuse dumps and other areas where pests are found. As a perimeter treatment, spray EcoVia WD as a continuous band around a building, around 6-10 feet wide adjacent to the structure. Remove or rake away debris and leaf litter to reduce harborage areas for pests. It may be dusted in cracks and crevices in the foundation as well.

Ants and Carpenter Ants

This product may be used as a dust or liquid spray. Look for ant trails, where ants feed or rest. Typical areas include around windows and doors, cracks and crevices and wall voids. Apply EcoVia WD with a low-pressure spray around the perimeter as a residual treatment. Treat ant nesting sites if possible. Drill small holes into carpenter ant galleries and spray into the void as a spray, mist or foam.

Bees, Carpenter Bees and Wasps

As a liquid residual treatment, spray directly into the nests, nest entrances and other exterior resting areas. For stinging insects such as wasps, spray at night. You may also apply EcoVia WD as a dust in these areas.

Fleas and Ticks

Outdoors: Spray as a residual liquid in a low pressure sprayer. Spray tall grass areas, brush, rock walls, and other vegetation where fleas and ticks may reside and harbor.
Indoors: Use a dust, apply powder at a rate of 2 oz per 100 sq ft. If treating carpets, vacuum before applying EvoVia WD as dust and use a rake to help penetrate the dust into the carpet. Let the dust stay for 1-3 days, and then remove. For best results, use an Flea IGR as a spray before dusting. This would help break the life cycle of the flea. It takes about six weeks for the life cycle to be broken. Reapply EcoVia WD as needed as you wait for the flea cycle to be broken.


For good scorpion control, remove harborage areas. Such areas include accumulations of lumber, rocks, firewood, and other materials where scorpions may be found. Spray EcoVia WD as a residual liquid treatment around the perimeter, doors, windows and areas where scorpions will commonly hide.

Cluster Flies and Overwintering Pests

Spray EcoVia WD as a residual liquid treatment around doors, windows, eaves and surface areas where these pests reside. Pay attention to the south and western sides of your structures. Apply in early fall or late summer.

Fire Ants

Mounds: Apply as a spray drench gently to individual fire ant mounds. Use one gallon on mounds up to twelve inches and two gallons for larger mounds. The use of a pressure sprayer may disturb the mound and cause the ants to migrate to other areas.

Termites Above Ground (excluding Formosan)

EcoVia WD may be used as a dust, liquid or foam in galleries and voids in damaged wood and voids between wood and foundations. It is not intended to be a substitute for soil treatment. Use Taurus SC for termite soil treatment.

Food Handling Establishments

Non-Food Areas: As a general residual spray, apply in cracks and crevices, spot or general surface areas.
Food Areas: In food areas, apply EcoVia WD only to cracks and crevices or spot treatments. Cover or remove exposed food items and utensils.

Stored Product Pests and Pantry Pests

Clean and find the source of infestation from the stored product pests. This product will kill the exposed adults and immature stages of stored product pests. EcoVia WD is labeled for use in warehouses and storage areas. Apply to cracks and crevices. Apply to cupboards, shelves, pantries and other food storage areas as a spot or crack and crevice treatment. Remove open food packages, utensils and allow to dry before replacing items.

Livestock Pest Control

May be used as a general surface or crack and crevice treatment. For best results clean areas prior to the application. Do not spray on animal feedstuffs or watering equipment.

Turf and Ornamental Pests

Use EcoVia WD at its low use rates (1/2-1 cup per 1,000 sq feet). Use enough water, not less than 2 gallons of water per 1,000 square feet and cover uniformly of the area to be treated. Treat undersides of foliage and shrubs as well as the tops. It is best to treat before a pest population can be established. Retreat as needed.

Application Rates with Active Ingredient Percentage

Product per 1000 sq ft 1 Gal of water per 1000 sq ft 2 Gal of water per 1000 sq ft 3 Gal of water per 1000 sq ft 4 Gal of water per 1000 sq ft 5 Gal of water per 1000 sq ft
½ cup / 1 oz 0.133 0.066 0.044 0.033 0.027
1 cup / 2 oz 0.266 0.133 0.089 0.066 0.053
1.5 cups / 3 oz 0.398 0.199 0.133 0.133 0.080 
2 cups / 4 oz  0.531 0.266 0.177 0.133 0.106 
Packaging N/A
Product Label Label
More PDF's N/A
Target Pest
  • GENERAL PESTS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: Ants, Biting flies, Blow flies, Bat bugs, Bed bugs, Blue/green bottle flies, Boxelder bugs, Brown marmorated stink bugs, Carpenter ants, Carpenter bees, Carpet beetles, Cigarette beetles, Clothes moths, Cluster flies, Cockroaches , Flour beetles, Crickets, Darkling beetles, Dermestids, Drain flies, Dung flies, Drugstore beetles, Earwigs, Face flies, Fleas, Firebrats, Fruit flies, Gnats, Ground-nesting wasps and bees, Hornets, House flies, Indianmeal moths, Kudzu bugs, Lice, Midges, Millipedes, Mites, Multi-colored Asian lady beetles, Mosquitoes, Phorid flies, Other pantry beetles & moths, Sciarid flies (fungus gnats), Scorpions, Silverfish, Spiders, Springtails, Stable flies, Stink bugs, Termites*, Ticks, Wasps, Wood-destroying beetles, Western conifer seed bugs, and Yellow jackets
  • TREE, SHRUB AND VEGETATION PESTS INCLUDE BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO: Adelgids, Aphids and their eggs, Armyworms, Bagworms, Beetles, Billbugs, Chinch bugs, Chiggers, Cutworms, Grasshoppers, Grubs, Japanese beetles. Lace Bugs, Mealybugs, Mole crickets, Mites, Scale insects, Sod webworms, Tent caterpillars, Thrips, and Whiteflies and their eggs.

*This product is not recommended as sole protection against termites and is not approved as a pre-construction treatment for subterranean termites.

Active Ingredient (s) Thyme Oil...10.0%, Phenethyl Propionate..7.0%, Other Ingredients (Amorphous Silica Gel,Wintergreen Oil, Polyglyceryl Oleate, Isopropyl Myristate).....83.0%
For Use :

EcoVia WD may be used in and around structures, including but not limited to: residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, municipal, institutional, retail, research, recreational, health care, educational, daycare, hospitality and agricultural buildings and other man-made structures, furniture and bedding (see notice above regarding staining), feed lots, fence lines, garages, greenhouses, sheds, outbuildings, indoor plantscapes, mausoleums, boat houses and boat docks, vent stacks, drains and sewers, urban areas, animal rearing and handling establishments, food service, handling and/or processing establishments, mushroom houses, kennels and zoos. Turf sites include but are not limited to: lawns, trees, bushes and shrubs, landscape beds, ornamental turf, parks, playgrounds, recreational areas, right-of-ways, and golf courses. Transport vehicles, including: trucks, trailers, trains, rail cars, buses, boats, marine vessels and other cargo vessels. Do not use on food or feed commodities, or on food contact surfaces in food handling establishments, unless food contact surfaces are thoroughly washed with soap and water after treatment.

Yield N/A
Mixture|Application May be dusted or mixed with water as a spray


  • As a Dust: Product can be applied directly using any standard dusting equipment including but not limited to: bulbous or bellow hand dusters, compressed air dusters, and electric powered dusters. Apply at a rate up to 2 oz per 100 sq ft.
  • As a Liquid Suspension: Product should be mixed with water and applied with a hand pressurized or power operated compressed air sprayer.(Quantities to be used are given in volumetric terms (cups) and also by weight (oz). The 2 lb size is supplied with a one cup measuring scoop. One cup weighs about 2 oz.. The 8 oz bottle contains about 4 cups. Using the scoop, scoop out the desired amount of product for each application.)
  • Liquid Application Rates: Use from ½ cup to 2 cups (1 to 4 oz) of powder per 1000 sq ft depending on pest severity and desired residual. At higher rates, residue will be more visible, particularly on dark surfaces, but residual effectiveness will generally be longer. Mix powder in a sufficient volume of water to cover 1000 sq ft. For indoor use, apply no more than 1 gal of spray liquid per 1000 sq ft. For outdoor application, up to 5 gal of spray liquid may be applied per 1000 sq ft, as needed to insure adequate coverage. See chart below for active ingredient percentages at various mix and application rates.
Shipping Restrictions N/A

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