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EVAC Rodent Repellent -( 2 pouches)
EVAC Rodent Repellent -( 2 pouches)
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Evac Rodent Repellent - Pail (24 pouches)
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Product Information

Evac Botanical Rodent Repellent - Keeps Rodents Out Naturally

This all natural, botanical rodent repellent is made to repels rodents. Even though the pine scent in Evac may be pleasing to us, it repels rodents. Evac Rodent Repellent works on the olfactory senses of rodents; they find the smell offensive. It is made with balsam fir oil, fragrance oil and plant fibers, conveniently packaged in a granular form in 2.5 oz pouches.

Even though Evac Rodent Repellent is registered with the EPA, it is classified as a "reduced risk", green product that does not require the signal word "caution" on its product label.

Where Evac Rodent Repellent May Not Work

For an established rat or mice population in a confined area, Evac may not work. The mother rodents will keep close to the nest and not leave the confined area. Evac Rodent Repellent works best as a preventative measure. If you currently have a rodent population established, get rid of them by trapping or using rodent bait first. After the population has been eliminated, use Evac Repellent to help prevent further rodent populations. Research from Nisus has shown that is can help prevent reinfestations of rodents by as much as 68-80% when used according to the label directions.

Suggested Uses For Evac Rodent Repellent

  • Attics and crawl spaces
  • Pool heaters and pumps
  • Inside spa housings
  • Pump houses
  • Inside stored pool covers
  • Inside pool houses
  • Woodpiles and woodsheds
  • Motor homes, campers and boats
  • Confined areas such as attics (use one pouch per 8 sq ft
  • Entry points, such as doorways, where rodents enter
  • Sheds and storage units
  • Crawl space vents
  • Garage doors
Product Label Product Label and MSDS
SDS Technical Bulletin
Target Pest Repels Rodents
Active Ingredient (s) Balsam Fir Oil, a botanical pesticide.................. 2.0%, Fragrance oil, plant fibers .................................. 98.0%
For Use :

Indoors: Use Evac in non-living areas( barns, pantries, sheds, garages, storage areas, cellars, basements and attics) Enclosed Spaces: Trucks, Autos, RVs, Boats, Airplanes, Tractors, ect

Yield one pouch is 2.5 oz.
Mixture|Application Ready To Use

Indoors: Place one pouch per 8 square feet in the areas that you want protected.  Enclosed Spaces: Use four pouches per storage area such as cars, boats, RVs, Tractors and Trucks.

Retreatment Evac pouches should be replaced every 30 days or as needed when the scent is no longer present. Effectiveness depends on air exchange rates and tempertures.
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