FlowZone Pro Line Battery Powered Backpack Sprayers-4 Gal.

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(FZSAAJ)  4-Gallon FlowZone Battery-Powered Sprayer
(FZSAAJ) 4-Gallon FlowZone Battery-Powered Sprayer
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Product Information

FlowZone Battery Pro Line Powered Sprayers-Pump Free Spraying

FlowZone's Backpack Sprayers with their rechargeable battery and included backpack straps makes spraying a whole lot easier for applying chemicals such as pesticide and lawn care products. Both of these Pro Line models have 18V batteries with diaphragm pumps that push liquid through at a constant level. With both of these qualities, you get a long battery life and a high pump flow rate with adjustable options to control pressure without pumping.

Each sprayer includes a 4 gallon tank, spray gun, spray wand, spray gun holster, hose, battery, battery charger, lid filter and backpack straps.

  Model FZAAJ Model FZAAK (Discontinued)
Spray time up to 2 hours up to 2.5 hours
Spray distance >25 feet >30 feet
Dual speed switch 45 or 60 psi 70 or 115 psi
Total output up to 40 gallons
(>10 tankfuls)
up to 85 gallons
(>21 tankfuls)
Lithium-ion battery 18V 2.6Ah 18V 5.2Ah
Flow rate 1 gallon every 3 minutes 1 gallon every 1.5 minutes
Pump type diaphragm diaphragm
Charge time 2.5 hours 1.5 hour quick charge
Nozzle attachments adjustable, fan, jet adjustable, fan, jet

Major Differences Between Chapin and Flow Zone Pro Line Backpack Sprayers

  • 18V batteries and push liquid through a diaphragm pump at a constant pressure level
  • Tanks are made of polyethylene, which can withstand very harsh chemicals
  • They come equipped w/ a stainless steel wand, brass tip and heavy duty hose
  • They have two dual speeds of 45 or 60PSI for FZSAAK model and 70 or 115PSI for FZSAAJ model VS Chapin that sprays up to only 35PSI.
  • Model FZSAAK sprays 85 gallons per charge & provides 2 - 2.5hrs of continuous spraying VS. Chapin that sprays only 50 gallons per charge & provides 1.75hrs of continuos spraying.
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Shipping Restrictions

Can not be shipped by expedited choices, per air regulations.

More Instructions
  • Fully charge the battery before your first use, do not unplug before the indicator light turns green and the battery has reached 100% power. On first usage, use sprayer until the battery is completely drained before recharging again. Use only the provided charger to charge the battery as other chargers may not be compatible and could harm the battery’s lifespan.
  • If the battery dies while the product is on, the sprayer will automatically switch off via a protective circuit to prevent the battery from a deep discharge.
  • DO NOT continue to use the trigger after the battery has died as this could damage the lithium-ion battery.
  • Only charge the battery between temperatures of 50°F – 110°F. It’s normal for the battery to heat up slightly while it’s being charged, keep the charging battery away from any surface or object that’s easily flammable.
  • During storage, charge the battery at least once every three months.

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