Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 (4 Gallon Sprayer)

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Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 (4 Gallon Sprayer)
Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 (4 Gallon Sprayer)
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The Typhoon 2.5 4 gallon backpack sprayer is part of a new pro-series from Flow Zone. It has a "5-Position Variable Pressure" system. With five fixed dial positions, you can lock into any of the five desired flow rates/pressure settings to consistently and accurately control output.

Pro Tips & Quick Tricks

This Typhoon 2.5 has the newest version of the circuit board and a waterproof microswitch. In addition, it has a five-position Variable pressure switch to assure you get the same pressure setting every time.

Product Information

FlowZone Typhoon 2.5

5-Position Variable Pressure: This Flow-Zone 4-gallon battery backpack sprayer has the industry-led five-setting variable pressure control dial and pressure capacity up to to 115 psi with a battery life of three hours.

Comfort Straps: It has a vest-styled backpack straps with adjustable chest, stomach, and hip straps to fit all body types.

UV-Resistant PVC Hose: The PVC hose is double-reinforced and threaded to maintain integrity under high UV and temperatures.

Waterproof: All the internal electronic components (like circuit board, micro-switch, and wire connectors are epoxy-sealed and waterproofed.

Description and Features

  • Model: Typhoon 2.5m FZVAAK-2.5
  • Pump Type: Heavy-Duty Diaphrapm Pump
  • Tank Type: 4 Gallon Backpack
  • Pressure: 7 PSI (Low Speed) to 115 PSI (High Speed)
  • Battery: 18V/5.2 Ah
  • Charger: 21V / 2.5A
  • Charge Time : 1 Hour
  • Continuous Working Time: > Low Speed (> 180 minutes) High Speed (>120 minutes)
  • Battery Cycle Life: 1,000 Charge Cycles
  • Flow Rate: Low Speed(Open flow-0.12 GPM, High Speed (Dead head- 1.12 GPM)
  • Liquid Output/Charge: 100 Gallons
  • Spray Distance: 30 + Feet
  • Gun Type/Wand: Pressure Washer Spray Gun with Viton Seal/Quick Connect Stainless Steel Wand
  • Included Nozzles (QC=quick connect): Adjustable QC, 25° Fan QC, 0° Pin Stream QC
  • Seal Type: Viton
  • Hose Type: UV-Resistant Threaded Black Nylon PVC with Bend Relief (5 feet)
  • Packaging Size: 14" x 9.5" x 21.7"
  • Weight:16 lbs

Full 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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