Gypsy Moths & Larvae


Gypsy Moths & Larvae

Gypsy moth larvae can severely damage or even kill a variety of trees. They prefer hardwood trees but in severe outbreaks they will eat cedars, pines, and any green living plant.

Gypsy Moth Control

Place gypsy moth traps among the trees at the beginning of each season. These traps will not eliminate a population but will let you monitor the population on your property. If you observe caterpillars in large numbers spray the trees with Bonide Thuricide, the active ingredient being Bacillus thuringiensis. This bacterial product will kill any kind of moth larvae but will have no effect on frogs, birds, man, etc. Removing the egg masses and burning them will also eliminate future caterpillars. For severe cases an organic phosphate pesticide may be required. Acephate is the product of choice. Care should be taken in the application of this product as it will kill all insects that it contacts. At all times follow the label for every product and feel free to call one of our technicians for further advice.

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