How Verifi Bed Bug Detector Works


Verifi Bed Bug Detector


Each Verifi Bed Bug Detector unit contains a CO2 booster pack and Verifi lure.The Co2 booster pack and Lure are replaceable.

how verify works

A. The C02 booster pack mimics a live, breathing person for one day. It generates carbon dioxide using an exclusive chemical reaction. This reaction requires no batteries or other power source and starts upon activation.

B. In addition to the booster pack there is a lure. The lure has two different additional attractants. One is a kairomone to serve as an attractant for those bed bugs seeking a meal. The other attractant is a pheromone to attract them to come to the harborage area of the detector. The attractants are separated in order to prevent confusion to the bed bugs, making it an unique device. The CO2 and kairomone attract the host seeking (blood seeking) bed bugs to the pitfall of the detector. The pheromone attracts those bed bugs looking for a harborage area. This combination makes Verify a highly efficient and effective monitoring device.

how verify works

C. Bed bugs are unable to climb out of the pitfall after they fall there. This pitfall will prevent any small nymphs from slipping out the device.

D. There is a harborage area on the back of this detector. It encourages bed bugs to aggregate and gather there so you can have visual evidence of an infestaton.

E. An adhesive sticker allows the detector to be installed with no need of additional tools.

How to Install Verifi Bed Bug Detector



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