Lady Bug Kit - Large

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Lady Bug Kit - Large
Lady Bug Kit - Large
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Once ladybugs have become established in the home, there aren't a lot of treatment options. There are not a lot of recommended chemical measures at this point. The easiest way to remove ladybugs, once they are indoors, is with a vacuum cleaner.

However, prevention, is the best of all choices . This is done during the Fall time. To help prevent asian lady beetles, cluster flies, box elder bugs and similar pests from entering in the fall, outdoor, fast-acting synthetic pyrethroids :

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Lady Bug Kit - Large

  1. Avesta CS (8 oz)- Makes 16 gallons and is a broad spectrum liquid insecticide - may be used against many insects. Avesta CS has a three-month residual.
  2. D-Fense Dust (1 lb)-With Deltamethrin is water resistant and is a broad spectrum dust insecticide, proving a long residual.
  3. Stryker 54 Aerosol Contact Insect Spray-(15 oz)- Stryker 54 with pyrethrin that is also very useful against flying insects
  4. Bellow Duster- by JT Eaton - This bellow duster has a spring that is compressed to release the dust. This duster will hold between 4 oz to 8 oz of dry dust, depending on the weight and particle size of the dust.
  • Avesta CS - Spray Avesta CS around eaves, attic vents, windows, doors, under-fascia lips, soffits, siding(including under lips), and any other possible points of entry, concentrating on the south and the southwest sides.
    Spray with fan pattern from a garden pump sprayer such as Hudson Lawn and Garden Sprayer. Spraying the southern and western walls is helpful when ladybug populations are high. Remember that heavy-duty infestations require heavy-duty treatments.
  • In addition to the residual insecticide Avesta CS , you may want to use dusts and aerosols, if they have invaded the home. D-Fense Dust and Stryker 54 Aerosol are our top recommendations.

    Dust can be used to treat wall voids if there is no insulation to impede the spreading of the dust. It can also be placed around switch plate covers, electrical outlets, and plumbing openings. Stryker 54 has a crack and crevice applicator, allowing you to treat around windows, molding, and light fixtures. Stryker 54 with pyrethrin provides a contact kill and may be used against flying insects. The dust and aerosols should be applied to indoor cracks, crevices, wall voids, hiding places, and entry points. The Stryker 54 is useful to spray the ladybugs directly on contact to get a quick knockdown.

    Shady areas are less likely to attract ladybugs.

Ladybug Control

Once ladybugs have become established in the home, there are not a lot of treatment options, with limited chemical options at this point. The easiest way to remove ladybugs once they are indoors is with a vacuum cleaner.

However, prevention, is the best of all choices. This is done during the Fall time. To help prevent Asian lady beetles, cluster flies, box elder bugs, and similar pests that enter structures during the fall months and "overwinter" in your home use high-quality residual sprays such as Avesta CS.

Mechanical means of ladybug exclusion

Sealing ladybugs out by caulking cracks and around utility service openings, fixing broken window screens and door jams, plugging cracks in the foundation or roof, and similar exclusion-type activities will help prevent the Asian beetles from entering in the first place.

Packaging (1) Avesta CS -8 oz, (1) D-Fense Dust-1 lb, Stryker 54 Aerosol (15 oz), JT Eaton Bellow Duster
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