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Shop effective quackgrass killers online at DIY Pest Control. We carry a variety of non-selective and selective herbicides for quackgrass to rid your outdoor space of these grassy weeds. Get rid of quackgrass with our range of quackgrass control products today!

How to Get Rid of Quackgrass

 Quackgrass, also known as is a wide spreading, hard to get rid of, and cool season grass that has the ability to quickly take over lawns, gardens, and crops.  They have a very strong and fast growing rhizome system (root) that can quickly crowd out desirable vegetation and crops.


  • perennial cool season grass
  • drought tolerant 
  • flowering begins in late June to early July 
  • blades are thin, narrow and rough to touch on top
  • yellow rhizomes (roots)
  • can get up to 2-3 feet tall
  • seed head is a narrow spike with alternating sprouts (3"-8")


Selective Herbicides.

  • Perennial gardens, trees, and shrubs are about the only area where selective herbicides can safely be applied.
  • Products that contain Fluazifop-P-buytl, such as Ornamec 170 and Fusilade II, are your best option when eliminating this grass in those areas because they are made to only affect grass varieties.;
  • If you apply in an annual garden, be very careful to only apply the chemical directly to the leaves that you are targeting.
  • Make sure to properly identify your grass to make sure that the herbicide is safe for your lawn.  Choose your grass below to filter for products that are safe for your lawn:

Non- Selective Herbicides

  • This is the best method if you are trying to eliminate this grass in your lawn and also the other areas mentioned above.
  • Many of the buds on quackgrass are dormant so multiple applications of the product are necessary because these herbicides travel through actively growing tissue. 
  • Remember that non-selective herbicides kill all vegetation so be very careful when you are applying the chemical on the quackgrass.
  • Recommended Products:  Gly Pho Sel Pro Dry 75Eraser Max and Roundup Quikpro



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The Critical Role of Quackgrass Killer in Lawn Maintenance

Quackgrass, a common nemesis for gardeners and homeowners, can quickly transform a manicured lawn into a wild grassland if not controlled. Recognizing the invasive nature of quackgrass is crucial; without a powerful quackgrass killer, this weed can overshadow your garden's beauty and choke out desired plants.

Leaving quackgrass unchecked invites a slew of problems. It aggressively spreads through its rhizomes, making it a formidable opponent against other grasses and plants. Without using a dedicated quackgrass herbicide, you risk not only the aesthetics of your lawn but also its health and the diversity of your garden species.

Quackgrass Weed Killer: The Solution for Thriving Landscapes

Employing a quackgrass control strategy not only improves your lawn's appearance but also promotes a healthier growing environment for the plants you love. Quackgrass competes for nutrients, water, and sunlight, and by eliminating this competition, your lawn can flourish.

Quackgrass killers are versatile in their application. They can be used in various settings, from residential lawns to larger fields. The active ingredients are formulated to be effective against quackgrass at different stages of growth, ensuring that whether you're dealing with a recent outbreak or an established infestation, there's a solution available. For best results, apply when the quackgrass is actively growing and follow up as necessary.

Quackgrass Control: Key to Nutrient-Rich Soil and Lush Lawns

When your lawn falls prey to quackgrass, it's not just the visual appeal that diminishes but also the vital health of your garden. Utilizing a quackgrass killer offers multiple benefits, such as preserving essential nutrients in the soil that quackgrass would otherwise deplete, ensuring your chosen flora can thrive. It also aids in water conservation, as the deep roots of quackgrass often hijack moisture meant for other plants. With the aggressive weed eliminated, your garden plants enjoy unfettered access to sunlight and space, encouraging robust growth.

Maintain Pristine Turf: The Strategic Use of Quackgrass Weed Killer

Beyond immediate aesthetics, quackgrass control is a long-term investment in the health of your lawn, preventing the weed from spreading and causing further issues. Additionally, regular use of a quackgrass weed killer can save considerable time and effort by stopping the weed from taking root and becoming a larger problem to handle.

Quackgrass Killer

Tailored Solutions for Quackgrass: The DIY Pest Control Commitment

Why choose DIY Pest Control for your quackgrass killer? The answer lies in our commitment to providing effective solutions tailored to specific weed challenges. Their grassy weed killer range, which includes targeted quackgrass herbicide options, is backed by an expert understanding of pest management. Here are a few reasons why DIY Pest Control stands out:

  • Expertise: With a history steeped in pest and weed control, DIY Pest Control brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.
  • Quality Products: Offering high-grade lawn and garden products, their quackgrass herbicides are among the best on the market.
  • Customer Support: DIY Pest Control isn't just about selling a product. They're about ensuring you have the support needed for a successful application.
  • Results-Driven: The focus is always on providing solutions that yield results, ensuring customer satisfaction through effective quackgrass management.

Frequently Asked Questions About Quackgrass Killers

We know you may have questions about quackgrass killers. To help you make the best choice for your yard, we have answered some of the most common questions we hear below.

What Is the Best Time to Apply Quackgrass Killer to My Lawn?

The most effective time to apply quackgrass herbicide is during the active growth periods of the weed, typically in the late spring or early summer. Applying the herbicide when quackgrass is young and actively growing will ensure the best absorption and effectiveness of the product.

Will Quackgrass Killer Harm My Other Lawn Plants?

If you use a selective herbicide for quackgrass, it is designed to target only quackgrass and similar weeds, leaving your lawn and other plants unharmed. However, always read and follow the label instructions to minimize any risk to non-target plants.

How Long Does It Take to See Results After Applying Quackgrass Weed Killer?

Results can vary depending on the product used and the condition of the quackgrass. Generally, you may begin to see effects within a few days, with complete weed death occurring within a few weeks. Some herbicides may require a follow-up application for complete control.

Can I Plant New Grass or Garden Plants After Using Quackgrass Herbicide?

Most selective herbicides for quackgrass allow for replanting after a certain period, typically listed on the product label. It's crucial to wait the recommended time before planting to ensure that the herbicide does not affect new plantings.

Safety Tips for Using Herbicides Like Quackgrass Killers

When mixing herbicides like quackgrass killers, it's essential to be aware of your safety and to follow all manufacturer guidelines. Watch this video to discover some very important tips to keep yourself safe when using any weed killer.

Make Your Yard The Envy of the Neighborhood With Our Quackgrass Killers

Achieve a pristine, quackgrass-free lawn with DIY Pest Control's range of effective herbicides. With our easy-to-follow guides and high-quality products, you can tackle quackgrass confidently and efficiently. Browse our selection of quackgrass killers today and step into a more beautiful outdoor space tomorrow.

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