Martin's IGR Insect Growth Regulator

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Martin's IGR - 1 oz
Martin's IGR - 1 oz
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Martin's IGR - 4 oz
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Product Information

Martin's IGR Insect Growth Regulator

Martin's IGR Insect Growth Regulator is photostable for up to 14 days and may be used on carpets, rugs, furniture, dog houses, kennels, pet sleeping areas. Martin's IGR may be used inside or outside.

Martin's Insect Growth Regulator - Nylar

The active ingredient in Martin's IGR is Nylar. Nylar is an insect growth regulator and prevents adult fleas from hatching from the pupae state. The flea cycle is about 6 weeks, and it takes about 6 weeks for an IGR to cut the cycle completely. To kill existing fleas, use an insecticide like Fenvastar Plus or Fenvastar ECO Insecticide as a tank mix with Martin's IGR.

Martins IGR -Top Features

  • 1 ounce covers up to 1,500 sq/ft and is odorless
  • Active Ingredient: Nylar 1.3 %
  • Photostable for up to 14 days
  • For use on carpets, rugs, furniture, dog houses, kennels, pet sleeping areas
  • Odorless
  • Kills pre-adult fleas for 7 months; stops pre-adult roaches for 6 months; reduces egg production in houseflies and prevents the development of larvae into adults

Flea Control

Martin's IGR contains Nylar. Nylar stops the adult flea from developing. Any flea eggs that are deposited after the application of Martin's IGR will not develop into adults. It breaks the life cycle of fleas and will last seven months. It may take up to 6 weeks to completely kill the cycle because existing flea pupae and adult fleas are not affected.

  • Indoors
    • One gallon of finished solution (1 oz of Martin's IGR with 1 gallon of water) covers up to 1,500 square feet for flea control. It may be mixed with the desired insecticide labeled for indoor flea control to kill adult fleas. Spray areas where fleas inhabit (rugs, carpets, floor surfaces, pet sleeping areas, upholstered furniture).
  • Outdoors
    • Mix 1.0 ounces of Martin's IGR in 5 to 15 gallons of water, depending on the equipment used (hose end sprayer, tank type of sprayer or backpack), to cover 1,000 square feet. With a sweeping, slow-motion spray where the pets most frequent.
  • Kennels and Doghouses
    • Spray the finished solution (1 oz per gallon of water) per 1,500 square feet. Spray resting areas, floor, animal bedding, and run area. It is safe for pets after the spray has dried.
Packaging 1 oz or 4 oz
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Target Pest

Fleas, Roaches, Mosquitoes, Gnats, Crickets, Litter Beetles

Active Ingredient (s) Nylar - 1.3% (Pyriproxyfen)
For Use : Indoors and outdoors. Follow label directions for pest and application directions.
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application Mix 1 ounce per gallon of water
Shipping Restrictions N/A

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