Martins Stock-Tox-X Livestock Spray (Discontinued)

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Stock-Tox-X - Qt (Discontinued)
Stock-Tox-X - Qt (Discontinued)
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Martins Stock-Tox-X Livestock Spray

We have discontinued Martin's Stock-Tox-X Livestock Spray due to leakage in shipment. As an alternative, use Martin's Permethrin Pour On Martin's Permethrin Pour on has Permethrin 10.0 as well as the active ingredient.

Martin's Stock-Tox-X is a petroleum based 10.0% permethrin that is used as a livestock and premise spray. It may be used as a dip or spray on dogs (not puppies less than 12 weeks of age-see label.)

Stock-ToX-X may be mixed with water or oil and may be used on beef cattle, dairy cattle, horses, sheep, goats, swine, poultry and dogs for the control of pests such as controls lice, mites, fleas, flies, ticks and other listed pests. May be used for back rubbers, mixed with oil.

How To Use Martins Stock-Tox-X Livestock Spray

Martins Stock-Tox-X can be used indoors and outdoors in dairies, poultry houses, milking parlors, cattle barns, horse barns, swine houses, homes, commercial buildings, motels, schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, food/feed establishments, kennels, and other use sites listed on the label.

Mix Martins Stock-Tox-X with oil for use with a back rubber.

Product Label Stock-Tox-X - Product Label
SDS Stock-Tox-X - MSDS
Target Pest Poultry lice, lesser meal worms, bed bugs, fowl mites, face flies, house flies, horn flies, stable flies, mosquitoes, fleas, mites, ticks and many other insects listed on the product label.
Active Ingredient (s) Permethrin - 10%
For Use : Stock-Tox-X for use in homes, outdoors, non-food areas of poultry houses,cattle barns, dairies, horse barns, milking parlors, commercial buildings, swine houses, restaurants, hotels, motels, schools, hospital, kennels, and food/feed establishments. For pet use, use only on dogs.
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application N/A

For Pests on Dogs (do not treat puppies less than 12 weeks old)

For control of Fleas; ticks, including deer tick (carrier of Lyme disease); lice; mange , dilute 8 oz in 12.5 gallons of water. Thoroughly wet the animal by dipping, sponging or spraying. Allow animal to dry in a warm place without rinsing or toweling. Gives long-lasting protection against reinfestation and applications at intervals of two to three weeks. Do not repeat treatment for 7 days. Consult a veterinarian before using this product on debilitated, aged, pregnant, medicated or nursing animals. Sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product for pets. If signs of sensitivity occur, bathe your pet with mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water. If signs continue, consult a veterinarian immediately.

Outdoor Use Areas: Corrals, Feed Lots, Gardens, Parks, Homes, Drive-In Theaters and Restaurants, Golf Courses, Playgrounds, Recreational Areas, Swine Lots, Urban Areas and Zoos
For temporary reduction of annoyance flies, gnats and mosquitoes in drive-in restaurants, drive - in theaters, golf courses, urban areas, parks, playgrounds and othe recreational areas use 3.2 oz per gallon of water. Spray directly into tall grass and lawns where pests may hover or rest.

In the treatment of corrals, feedlots, swine lots and zoos, cover any exposed water, drinking fountains and animal feed before application. Direct the spray into tall grass, shrubbery and around lawns where the above pests may hover or rest and fill the area with mist.

Animals and Animal Premise Use : Cattle Barns, Swine Houses, Milk Rooms, Kennels, Poultry Houses, Horse Barns, Dairies, Milking Palors
For initial clean-up of servere insect infestation, dilute 6.7 oz per gallon. For normal infestations, dilute 1.33 oz per gallon.

Indoor Use Areas: Home, and the nonfood/feed areas of bakeries, beverage plants, canneries, flour mills, food processing plants, grain elevators, granaries, hospitals ( non occupied areas), hotels, motels, industrial installations, kennels, meat-packing plants, office buildings, railroad cars, restaurants, schools, ships' holds, supermarkets, truck trailers, and warehouses.

Do not use in food or feed areas where food is prepared or exposed in commercial establishments. At home, all food and utensils should be covered or washed before use. Remove exposed food.

Not for use in Federally Inspected Meat and Poultry Plants.

Pests on Farm Premises

(barns, dairies, loafing sheds, milking parlors, feedlots, stables, paddocks, poultry and livestock housing)-Flies, Lice, Fleas, Ticks- Use 8 oz in 6.25 gallons of water and spray walls and surfaces thoroughly , about 1 gallon per 750-1000 sq ft.

Pests on Dog Premises( kennels, dog houses, runs and yards)

Fleas, flies, ticks, lice mange. Dilute 8 oz in 6.25 gallons of water. Wet pest breeding or resting areas. Remove namure and increase sanitation. Do not spray feed.

Pest in cattle barns. horse barns, swine houses, kennels, milking parlors, milk rooms, dairies, poultry houses, feedlots, stables and paddocks. For the control of flies, mosquitoes, and gnats, dilute 8 oz in 6.25 gallons of water.
Fog or Fine Mist : Apply, directing the spray toward the ceiling and upper corners until the area is filled with mist. Use about 2 oz. per 1000 sq. ft. of space. For best results, close doors and windows before spraying and keep closed for ten to fifteen minutes. Vacate the treated area and ventilate before reoccupying.

Pest on large animals(dairy or beef cattle, horses, sheep and goats):

For control of face flies, horn flies, horse flies, and ear ticks, mix 8 oz in 5 gallons of oil . Black Rubber: Recharge backrubber as needed. Spray lactating cows only after milking is completed.

For control of face flies, horn flies, stable flies, mosquitoes, lice, mites, ticks, dilute 8 oz in 50 gallons of water and spray to thoroughly cover entire animal. For lice or mites, a second treatment is recommended 14-21 days. Spray  lactating dairy cows only after milking is completed.

For control of horn flies, face flies, stable flies and ear ticks  dilute 2 oz in 1 gallon of water. Spot treatment with a

For Mange mites, dilute 8 oz per 25 gallons of water. Spray, dip or sponge animals. Retreat afterlow pressure, apply 1/2 oz per ear or 2-4 on face or 12-16 oz along backline.

For Pests on Swine and Poultry (do not ship swine for slaughter within five days of last treatment) 14 days, spraying walls and floor and space bedding to kill late hatching, developing stages.

For Blow flies, flies, mosquitoes, hog lice, fleas, ticks, including deer ticks, dilute 8 oz in 25 gallons of water. Spray, dip or sponge to apply 1 pint per pig, especially around ears.

For Poultry mites, northern fowl mites, lice:  Dilute 8 oz per 25 gallons of water. Spray at the rate of 1/2 ounce per bird, or 1 gallon per 100 birds, with a fine mist. Spray roots, walls and nests or cages.

Shipping Restrictions AK, AZ, CA, HI, ID, MT, ND, NE, NY, UT, WY

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