Meridian 25WG Insecticide

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Meridian 25 WG Insecticide - 17 oz
Meridian 25 WG Insecticide - 17 oz
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Product Information

Meridian 25WG Insecticide

Meridian 25 WG provides control over a broad-spectrum of grubs and insects in turf. Meridan effectively controls soil insects, especially white grubs for an extended period and with different soil conditions and soil types. It is an effective insecticide when applied as directed to the soil, plant foliage and turf grass. This water dispersible granule may be used on residential lawns, golf courses, interiorscapes and ornamentals. white grubs

Meridian 25 WG will control soil pests like white grubs (larvae of Japanese Beetle, Billbugs, European Chafer, Northern Masked Chafer, Southern Mask Chafer, Green June Beetle, Asiatic garden beetles, and Oriental Beetle. It controls foliar pests such as Whiteflies, Leafhoppers, Adelgids, Mealybugs, Aphids and other insects. It suppresses mole crickets and chinch bugs.

How Meridian 25 WG Works

This neonicotinoid class of insecticide (thiamethoxam) works by both ingestion and contact. Thiamethoxam affects the nicotinic acetylcholine receptors in the insect. It also binds to the soil particles; the roots uptake the insecticide, and it moves into the stems and foliage. It works quickly with a rapid uptake. Insect pests that are feeding on the treated plant will stop feeding and die.

Meridian may also be applied as a foliar application of landscape plants. It is quickly absorbed and is rain-fast upon drying. It continues to be absorbed in the following days, forming a supply of thiamethoxam in the foliage that gives residual control of piercing-sucking and leaf chewing insects. Surface residues will be active for 1-2 days before breaking down and is safe for beneficial insects.

Rate of uptake into leaf tissue after foliar application

root uptake
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Application Window

Meridian acts as a preventative and curative insecticide with the flexibility of applied treatment (about 3.5 months). Meridian 25 WG is a preventative measure against white grubs within 45 days of adult flight for the targeted species. Sometimes, grubs may be present at application time. Meridian is also effective as a curative treatment of the 1st and 2nd instars.

application timing window
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Delayed Rainfall or Irrigation

There is flexibility in the timing of rainfall or irrigation with Meridian. Meridan can be applied one full week without rainfall or irrigation without affecting control.

Use Rates

Pests 25 WG
White Grubs 12.7- 17 oz/A
Suppression of Mole Crickets and Chinch Bugs 12.7- 17 oz/A
Fire Ants 1-3 oz/10 gals
Landscape Plants 2-8.5 oz/100 gals
6-17 oz/A

Meridian 25WG Insecticide Features

  •  Active by contact and ingestion
  • Outstanding residual activity
  • Tank mixes with many commonly used insecticides
  • May be used alone or mixed
  • Broad-spectrum insecticide
  • Insecticide Class: Neonicotinoid
  • Technical Bulletin
Product Label Label
Target Pest Soil pests such as billbugs and white grubs (such as Japanese beetles, oriental beetles, and European, Southern and Northern masked chafer). Foliar pests such as aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs and leafhoppers among many others. Fire ants. See product label for complete list.
Active Ingredient (s) Thiamethoxam - 25%
For Use : Turfgrass, Sod Farms, Interiorscape, Landscape plants, Trees, Shrubs, Evergreens, Flowers, Foliage Plants, Groundcovers, Interior Plantscapes, and others. See product label for complete list.
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application Foliar Application Ornamentals & Interiorscape: 2- 8.5 oz per 100 gals. For small volume applications mix no more than ½ ounce per gallon of water.
Shipping Restrictions AK, HI or NY

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