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Mosquito Barrier-Qt
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Mosquito Barrier- Gallon
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    Mosquito Barrier-Qt
    Mosquito Barrier- Gallon
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Product Information

Mosquito Barrier

Mosquito Barrier has garlic as a natural sulfur which repels the insects, making it uncomfortable for these insects to be in the area sprayed. There will be a noticeable odor to humans after the first hour of application, but the smell will be undetectable to humans afterwards. It will retain its odor for mosquitoes and repel them from 24 hours to a month. As with all mosquito sprays (including pyrethrins), it will dissipate with a lot of rainfall.

One diluted gallon will cover up to 5 acres and will not effect birds and beneficial insects such as honey bees and butterflies.


  1. No Standing Water- Mix 4 oz of Mosquito Barrier to one gallon of water. Spray about an hour before sundown. Using a mist, spray all grass, ornamentals, flowers, vegetable areas, up into trees sufficient to cover the lower limbs. Spray foliage thoroughly.
  2. Standing Water-Mix 4 oz of Mosquito Barrier + 2 oz of Canola Oil (found in your grocery store) + non-scented liquid soap like Ivory. The Canola oil will suffocate mosquito larvae and the liquid soap will help this mixture mix into the water. Stir and spray about an hour before sundown.
  3. Spray between 8-11 AM or 5-7 PM. Avoid spraying in the heat of the day. Do not spray on windy days or it rain is expected within 24 hours.
  4. If you have left over spray material, spray areas again. Be sure to spray the underside of leaves.

Mosquito Barrier: Works Three Ways

  • Kills Mosquitoes
  • Keeps Mosquitoes out of the area, by its garlic coated plants
    • For light infestations, use 8 teaspoons. If the infestation is heavy, use 16 teaspoons per gallon of water.
    • Stir mixture well, using warm water if it is possible.
    • For hose end sprayer attachments: Fill bottle half way with Mosquito Barrier, then fill with water. Set dial for 2 oz (12 teaspoons) per gallon. If there is no dial on the sprayer, fill the sprayer with 20 oz. of Mosquito Barrier and the rest with water.
  • In standing water (puddles, lawn depressions, water in old tires, tin cans, etc), it suffocates mosquito larvae.

Equipment Used

  • Use a hand pump sprayer or a back pack sprayer. It is not recommended the use of hose end sprayers, because the droplet size would be way too large.
  • Mosquito Barrier may be used in hot or cold misting system or fogging. For fogging machines, a higher concentrate of Mosquito Barrier is necessary at the minimum of 12 oz of Mosquito Barrier per gallon of water.
  • It is not recommended to allow excess product to sit in the tank overnight. Mix only enough material to empty spray tank daily.
Packaging Qts. and Gallons
Product Label Mosquito Barrier Label
SDS Mosquito Barrier SDS
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Target Pest
  • Mosquitoes
  • Also repels: Armadillos, Deer, Field Mice, Yard Fleas, Ticks and Geese
Active Ingredient (s) Garlic - 99.3%
For Use :
  • Yards, golf courses, parks and fields.
  • Mosquito Barrier is safe for Bees, Butterflies, Fish, Birds, Dogs, Cats and other small animals.
  • Indoor Use: Not designed to used inside homes or residences. It may be used in animal barns, stalls and in resting areas.
  • Spraying on Animals/People: Product is not designed for direct application to humans or animals.
Yield One spray and up to 4 applications per season
Mixture|Application N/A

Designed to be diluted in water and sprayed on plants, grass, shrubs, flowers, ornamentals, trees, vines, and in standing water in the area, including water under decks and porches. Mosquito Barrier normally becomes odorless in less than an hour. Used as directed, Mosquito Barrier Does not harm any vegetation, nor does it impart garlic flavor or taste to food plants.

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