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Mosquito Sniper System-System 1
Mosquito Sniper System-System 1
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Mosquito Sniper System Kit (System 1+ Hudson Lawn and Garden Sprayer-24101)
Mosquito Sniper System Kit (System 1+ Hudson Lawn and Garden Sprayer-24101)
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Mosquito Sniper System-System 2
Mosquito Sniper System-System 2
Mosquito Sniper System-System 3
Mosquito Sniper System-System 3
Mosquito Sniper System-System 6
Mosquito Sniper System-System 6
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Product Information

Mosquito Sniper System

Mosquito Sniper System is a kit that combines a leaf blower with a sprayer to become a  DIY mist blower. A mist blower is an asset in mosquito management, as it allows small insecticide particles to get to places where the mosquitoes are hiding. This system will save you money as you compare it to a professional backpack mist blower .

The Mosquito Sniper System attaches to the trigger of many sprayers. We carry three Mosquito Sniper Systems ( System 1, System 2, System 3, and System 6).

System 1 uses the more economical pump sprayers , but does require more work as you pump. System 2 and System 3 uses the Smith and some Hudson sprayers, with better pump systems. System 6 uses some FlowZone and Silica Slayer backpack sprayers.


System 1: Use  Hudson #24101 or Hudson 70141-52B sprayers

System 2: Use Hudson Bak-Pak Sprayer

System3: Hudson Pro Neverpump Backpack Sprayer (19001) or Chapin Pro Series 4 Gallon Packpack 61800

System 6: Any Flowzone sprayer with 5 position pressure setting (Only use on the lowest pressure setting).  Any Silica Slayer backpack model with 5 position pressure setting (Only use the lowest pressure setting).

  1. Cyclone 2.5 Variable Pressure 5-Position Backpack 
  2. Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 (4 Gallon)
  3. Flowzone Monsoon 2.5 Varible Pressure 5-Postiion Battery (9-Gallon Roller Sprayer)



System 1 Tank Sprayer Compatibility

  • Home Depot: Pump Sprayers: 1501HDXA, 1502HDXA, Backpack Sprayer:2204HDX
  • Hudson: 24101,24102,60151,60152,70151,70152,70153, 7015B, 7015B (Clip wand handle into pump handle for easy grip,Leave pump handle in the extended position for easy pumping)
  • FL Flo-Master: Handheld Models: 1101, 1102,1401 | Backpack, 2204HD
  • Sun Joe: Handheld Models: SJ-APS-1G & SJ-APS-2G

System 2 Tank Sprayer Compatibility

  • Hudson: Hudson 13194
  • Bare Ground: Backpack Model: BG-425
  • Bauer: Handheld Model: 19116C-B
  • Cardinal: Backpack Model: ECPS60
  • Greenwood: Backpack Models: 5504829, 63092, 65040, 61368, 63036
  • Hart: Handheld Model: HGSP011H
  • Hudson: Backpack Model: 13854, 13194
  • Itisll: Backpack Model: 919NK15
  • Kimo: Backpack Model
  • Kobalt: Handheld Model: KSP 1124A-03, Backpack Model: KSB 1040A-03
  • My 4 Sons: Backpack Model: M4
  • Petra: Backpack Models: LT-Pro2.0, HT4000
  • Rainmaker: Backpack Model: 708902
  • Realwork: Backpack Model: 347004G
  • Stihl: Handheld Model: SG 31, Backpack Models: SG 51, SG 71, SGA 85
  • Sun Joe: Handheld Model: 24V-GS-LTW
  • Vivosun: Handheld Model, Backpack Model
  • Worx: Handheld Model: WG829
System 3 Tank Sprayer Compatibility

  • Bauer: Backpack Model 1911C-B
  • Chapin:  Backpack Models: All
  • Craftsman: Handheld Model: 071-98718 (Shoulder Strap Recommended), Backpack Model: 190682
  • Dewalt:Handheld Model: 190612 (Should Strap Recommended) ,Backpack Model: 190652, 190681
  • Echo: Backpack Models: All (EXCEPT sprayers that have an ORANGE TRIGGER GRIP)
  • Field King: Handheld Models: 190571 ,190437, 190438 (*Shoulder Strap Recommended ), Backpack Models: All
  • Gravely: Backpack Models: All
  • Hart: Backpack Model: HGSP041
  • Hudson: Backpack Model: Hudson Pro Neverpump Backpack Sprayer 19001
  • Husqvarna: Handheld Models: 598967601, 190480C ( *Shoulder Strap Recommended) , Backpack Models: All
  • Home Depot: Handheld Model: HDX Deck Sprayer (*Shoulder Strap Recommended)
  • Lesco: Handheld Model: 190594 ( *Shoulder Strap Recommended), Backpack Models: All
  • Ortho: Handheld Model: 190628, 190629, 190631, 7006228 (*Shoulder Strap Recommended), Backpack Models: All
  • Redmax: Handheld Models: 596766201, 598967401(*Shoulder Strap Recommended), Backpack Models: All
  • Round Up: Handheld Models: 190570, 190427, 190410, 190411(*Shoulder Strap Recommended), Backpack Models: All
  • Ryobi One+: Backpack Model: P2860, P2840
  • Scotts: Handheld Models: 190567, 190658 (*Should Strap Recommended),Backpack Models: All
  • Shindaiwa:Backpack Model: SP53BPE
  • Smith: Handheld Models: 190216, 190217, 190447, 190462, 190504, 190671, 190683 (*Shoulder Strap Recommended), Backpack Models: All
  • Solo:Handheld Model: S-20860, Backpack Models: All
  • Stanley:Backpack Models: All
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Set Up Instructions

  • No drilling or modification required.
  • Attach any leaf blower to a lawn and garden tank sprayer. (Choose your systems from descriptions below). Each distinct system has different connection pieces to fit the different trigger handles of tank sprayers. Take the wand off the valve assembly, and screw the mosquito sniper system to the valve assembly.
  • Tank Sprayers- Use tank sprayers that have a shoulder strap or a feature to clip the trigger handle into the pump handle in order to maneuver. Works great for yards smaller than 3/4 acres.
  • Backpack Tank Sprayer-Works great for yards larger than 3/4 acres. Can only be used with a handheld leaf blower.
  • Always keep tank sprayer pressure under 40 PSI
  • Leaf Blowers-The turn key clamp included with every system has a range of 2.5" to 4.5" and fits almost every blower tube radius.
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