NoTox Mini Blocks

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NoTox Mini Blocks
NoTox Mini Blocks
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Product Information

No Toxicity

NoTox Mini Blocks provide a unique and nontoxic way to monitor the activity of rats and mice in various settings, including homes, commercial and public buildings, and transport vehicles. The blocks contain no active ingredient, making them safe to use around humans and animals.

Top Features

  • Monitors rodents, nuisance animals, and pests in and around buildings
  • Triangle block to aid in bait identification
  • Red dye is highly visible in rodent droppings
  • For use in mouse and rat bait stations
  • Convenient 20g blocks, 10 lb pail
  • Based on the same formula as Maki mini blocks


Inspect and Identify: Identifying areas where they are likely to find and consume a bait is important. Such areas include along walls, gnawed openings, in burrows or corners, and concealed places, among others. Additionally, it is recommended to remove alternative food sources as much as possible.

Placement: When using the bait, 20g blocks should be placed every 8-12 feet for mice and every 15-30 feet for rats.

Follow-Up: Regular inspection of the bait is necessary for signs of rodent activity. If gnawing or eating of bait is noted, toxic bait or traps should be used until no new signs of activity are observed. Contaminated or spoiled bait should be replaced immediately.

Packaging 10 lbs
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Target Pest

Rats and Mice

Active Ingredient (s) None-NoTox blocks are nontoxic and contain no poison
For Use : Homes, Industrial, Commercial, Agricultural and Public Buildings
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application N/A
  • For Mice: use 1 block every 8 to 12 ft.
  • For Rats: use 1 block every 15 to 30 ft.
Shipping Restrictions N/A

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