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Pro Tips
Pro Tips & Quick Tricks
Make sure you use gloves with this product. It is really orange and will stain your hands. If you don't have a big spray rig, (I don't) use a hose end sprayer. We have a 6 gallon hose end made my Gilmore that works well. Also this product is only for warm season grasses.

Product Information

Oryzalin 4 Pro - Oryzalin 41%

ORYZALIN 4 PRO (41% Oryzalin)- Generic equivalent for Surflan AS. Oryzalin 4 Pro , a pre-emergent weed control is a cost-effective, long-lasting (2-8 months) control of annual grasses and selected broadleaf weeds in ornamentals (container and field grown), commercial landscaping, and warm season turf. To be used in non-crop site vegetation control, Christmas tree plantations, around roadsides and railroads.

It is a Excellent tank mix partner with Round Up (Glyphosate)for even broader spectrum weed control. It can be used on over 400 species of ornamentals and warm season grasses. Pre-emergent weed control that may be used in combination with glyphosate for weeds that have already emerged.

Its active ingredient is Oryzalin. Oryzalin is applied to soil surface and should be activated within 21 days with rain or irrigation. Rate varies from 1.5 to 3.0 fl. oz. per 1000 sq.ft.


Oryzalin 4 Pro: A selective preemergence surface-applied herbicide for control of annual grasses and many broadleaf weeds

  • broadleaf weeds
  • Landscape Ornamentals
  • Established Warm Season Turf
  • Container Grown Ornamentals (including Bahiagrass,
  • Field Grown Ornamentals Bermudagrass, Buffalograss,
  • Drainage Areas Under Centipedegrass,
  • Shadehouse Benches St. Augustinegrass
  • Ornamental Bulbs and Zoysiagrass)
  • Ground Covers/Perennials Tall Fescue (warm season areas)
  • Christmas Tree Plantations Non-bearing fruit and nut trees
  • Non-cropland and Industrial Sites and nonbearing vineyards

APPLICATION (See label for complete instructions)

Soil Preparation Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro controls weeds growing from seed. Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro will not control emerged weeds. Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro does not control established weeds, weeds growing from stolons, rhizomes, or root pieces. Therefore, areas to be treated should be free of emerged weeds. Weed residues, pruning, and trash should be thoroughly mixed into the soil or removed prior to treatment. In field applications, the soil should be in good tilth and free of clods at the time of application. Ground Application Apply Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro as a directed spray to the soil surface or over the top of plants. Use only a properly calibrated, low-pressure, herbicide sprayer that will apply the spray uniformly. Use screens no finer than 50 mesh in nozzles and in-line strainers. Apply the appropriate rate of Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro as outlined in APPROVED USES section of this label. In all cases, use sufficient water volume to obtain uniform coverage and deliver the desired rate of Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro to the treated area. The volume of water used is not critical as long as the desired rate of Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro is delivered uniformly across the area treated. When calibrating, determine the volume of water delivered by the sprayer to a given area (100 Sq ft, 1 acre, etc.). Then mix the desired rate of Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro in the amount of water required to cover the entire area to be treated. As the amount of water used (spray volume) decreases, the importance of accurate calibration and uniform application increases. Check the sprayer daily to ensure proper calibration and uniform application. Maintain continuous agitation from mixing through application. Avoid spray pattern skips and overlaps that may result in incomplete coverage or over-application. Hand Held or Backpack Sprayer Application The amount of water used to apply Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro herbicide is not critical, but should be sufficient for uniform coverage of the target area. Calibrate by determining the volume of water required to treat 1,000 square feet. Use this calibration volume to determine the amount of water and Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro herbicide needed to treat the target area (see the following calibration example). Note: Sprayer calibration (volume of spray needed to treat 1,000 square feet) will vary with each individual operator.

Steps in Calibration

1. Mark an area of 1,000 square feet (i.e. 20 by 50 feet, or 25 by 40)
2. Place the sprayer on a level surface and add water noting the final level of water in the spray tank.
3. Spray the marked area with a sufficient volume of water to provide uniform coverage. Refill the sprayer to the same level as before measuring the amount of water added. The measured water added to the sprayer is the volume needed to cover 1,000 square feet.
4. Determine the application rate (fl oz/1000 sq ft) for Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro from the APPROVED USES section of this label.
5. To each volume of water used, as measured in step 3, add the amount of Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro as determined in step 4. Example: If the sprayer used 2 gallons of water to cover 1,000 square feet and the desired application rate of Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro is 3 fl oz/1,000 square feet, then you would add 3 fluid ounces of Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro to every 2 gallons of water to be used.


Shake Well Before Using

Precaution DO NOT allow the spray mixture to siphon back into water source. Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro-Alone Make sure spray tank is clean and use only clean water. Fill spray tank 1/2 - 3/4 full. Start agitation and add the required amount of Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro. Continue agitation and finish filling the spray tank. Maintain continuous agitation until application is completed. Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro-Tank Mix Combinations Prior to mixing, read and carefully follow all label instructions and precautions for each product added to the tank mixture. Vigorous, continuous agitation is required for all tank mixes of Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro.

Mixing Order: Fill the tank 3/4 full with clean water. Start agitation and add different formulation types in the order indicated below, allowing time for complete mixing and dispersion after addition of each product. Allow extra mixing and dispersion time for dry flowable products. Add different formulation types in the following order: dry flowables (DF); wettable powders (WP); Alligare Oryzalin 4 Pro and other aqueous suspensions (AS); flowables (F); liquids (L); solutions (S); and emulsifiable concentrates (EC).

Packaging N/A
Target Pest 400 weed species in warm season grasses including crabgrass, chickweed, henbit, purslane, Johnson grass, panicum, spurge, and sow thistle.
Active Ingredient (s) Oryzalin 41% (3,5-dinitro-n-n-dipropylsulfanilamide)
For Use : Pre-emergent weed control, use as an preemergence.
Yield 2.5 gallon container treats upto 2.5 acres of turf grass
Mixture|Application N/A
  • Rate varies from 1.5 to 3.0 fl. oz. per 1000 sq.ft.
  •  Provides 4-8 months of pre-ermergent control at 3 oz per gallon
  •  May not spray within 3 months as a retreatment.
  • Tank mix with Glyphosate to kill existing weeds
  • Read label for complete instructions, including bulb treatments and tree treatments
Shipping Restrictions AK, HI

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