Animal Repellents


Using Animal Repellents

Animal repellents are meant to deter the target animal from the desired area but will not kill or permanently injure them. The active ingredients in repellents are generally made from something that the animal has a natural aversion to and will try to avoid at all costs. Populations and food sources are factors in the effectiveness of the repellent. It is important to alternate animal repellents over time because the targeted pest can build up a resistance or tolerance to the repellent's active ingredients if they are continually exposed to it. There are three main types of repellents, including odorous, contact, and taste.

Animal Repellents for different climates

  • Warm Climates: Odor repellents tend to be the most effective.
  • Cold Climates: Taste repellents work best.
  • All Climates: Contact repellents work well in any temperature but may not be the best repellent for all types of animals.

The majority of repellents we sell are bio-repellents, meaning they are made from natural ingredients and are safer for the environment, pets, and people.

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