Insect Growth Regulators

Insect Growth Regulators (IGR's) are a type of chemical that breaks the life cycle of an insect.Common active ingredients in IGR'S are hydroprene,methoprene and pyridine. Common names are Precor, Gentrol, Nygard, Surge and Archer.

Which insects respond to IGR'S?

They are commonly used for roaches ,fleas,bedbugs, and stored product pests.

How do I use IGR'S

IGR's can come in liquid, aerosol or point source forms. IGR's may be used by themselves, but they don't kill the adult stages of the insects. Most people will want to mix an insecticide with the IGR or get a product that has the IGR and Insecticide combined. IGR'S are not labeled for direct application for animals.

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