60 Day Universal Glue Boards

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60 Day Universal Glue Board (White-Pack of 6)
60 Day Universal Glue Board (White-Pack of 6)
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60 Day Universal Glue Board (Black-Pack of 6)
60 Day Universal Glue Board (Black-Pack of 6)
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Product Information

Pestwest 60 Day Universal Glue Boards ( 6 boards per pack)

#B0AMANWTE-White & #BOAMAN853-Black

These glue boards fit a wide variety of fly traps on the market today with its perforations. They have grid lines for an insect catch count and fit to the back or bottom of insect light traps. Each board will last 60 days, unless it gets full of insects.

Each Board Size: 16 3/4" x 9 1/4". They are perforated to be able to fit universally in a number of models.

60 Day Universal Glue Board Fits

Manufacturer Model (s)
AROD 505, 1010, Bugster 30, Cenith PVC/Aluminum
Atlantic Paste 910 Mini Dynamite (1-15w T5), 911 Dynamite (2012 model) 911
BASF Vector Classic, Vector Nova, Vector Cobra, Vector SupNova, Vector Gold, Plasma, Plasma One, Ecllipse
B&G Equipment Matrix
Brandenburg Genus brands, Eclipse, Spectra, Orbit, FLI
Gardner MX-360 Portable, GT-200, GT-215, GT-180, GT-150, WS-75 (wall sconce), WS-85 (wall sconce)
Gilbert GT-200, GT-180, GT-150, WS-75 (wall sconce) , WS-85 (wall sconce), Sticky Fox-225, Sticky Tiger-219-GT,Sticky Bear- 747GT, Sticky Lizard, Leonardo, 1999 GT-Flying Venus
Insect-o-cutor GBH362, GB18,GBP182, GBWS252 - Guardian, GBP482
JT Eaton Synergetic
Paraclipse Insect Inn (15") (original), Insect Inn Ultra I & II (16"#72651-3)
PestWest MAN1X2016 (Manits 1x2), 1x2 Discretions, MAN12M056 (Mantix Max 50), MAN2X2016 (Mantis 2x2), MANUPM055 (Uplight 36),MANUP3035 (standard Uplight),On-Top-Pro (Ceiling insert), Mantis Vega and Sirius
Synergetic/ P&L Systems Luralite- Professional 30, Luralite- 18 (various colors), Satelite-30, The Edge,Intellight Pro & Standard
Univar Insectos I & II
Packaging N/A
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