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P.I. Contact  Aerosol (14 oz)
P.I. Contact Aerosol (14 oz)
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P.I. Contact  Aerosol (18 oz)
P.I. Contact Aerosol (18 oz)
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    Grouped product items
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    P.I. Contact Aerosol (14 oz)
    • Buy 2 for $27.50 each and save 5%
    P.I. Contact Aerosol (18 oz)
    Out of stock
    • Buy 2 for $31.95 each and save 14%
    • Buy 12 for $28.85 each and save 22%
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Pro Tips
Pro Tips & Quick Tricks

P.I. Contact Aerosol comes out a little foamy. This helps it last a bit longer than other pyrethrin formulas but it doesn't work as well for spraying in the air to kill flying insects. For that, I would recommend CB 80 Aerosol

Product Information

P.I. Contact Insecticide - Quick Knockdown & Quick Flushing

It kills many insects, including bed bugs, roaches, and flies. Pyrethrins are a naturally occurring substance that comes from chrysanthemum flowers. P.I.Contact Insecticide is also ideal as a flushing agent because it drives insects out of their hiding places. It also may be used inside, outside, and in food handling areas and has USDA approval.


P.I. Contact Insecticide in this aerosol form may be used as a crack & and crevice treatment, space spray, void treatment, or direct spot or contact treatment for various insects.


  • Provides excellent knockdown, kill and flushing
  • Ideal product for heavy infestations where high insect populations are found and immediate results are needed
  • USDA approval

How to place crack and crevice tips on aerosolsHow to place crack and crevice tips on aerosols

Packaging 14 oz and 18 oz
Product Label PT P.I. Contact Aerosol Label
SDS PT P.I. Contact Aerosol SDS
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Target Pest

Booklice, Cockroaches, Crickets, Gnats, Indian Meal Moths, Mediterranean Flour Moths, Red Flour Beetles, Rice Weevils, Silverfish, Small Flying Moths, Sowbugs, Spiders, Wasps, Ants, Carpet Beetles, Cluster Flies, Clover Mites, Granary Weevils, Stable Flies, Confused Flour Beetles, Horn Flies, Mosquitoes, Ticks, Cigarette Beetles, Fleas, Flying Insects, Fruit Flies, Grain Mites, Flies, Clothes Moths, Bedbugs, Centipedes, Chocolate Moths, Millipedes, Bees, Drugstore Beetles, House Flies, Mud Daubers, Sawtoothed Grain Beetles, Angoumois Grain Moths.

Active Ingredient (s) 0.5% Natural Pyrethrin ,4% Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO)
For Use :

Apartments, Food Storage Areas, Homes, Houses (Homes), Hospitals, Hotels, Motels, Nursing Homes, Restaurants, Food Handling Establishments, Schools, Supermarkets, Transport Vehicles, Buses, Vessels (Boats, Ships), Trains, Trucks, Utilities, Warehouses, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Buildings, Cracks and Crevices, Wall Voids, Baseboards, Cabinets, Doors, Window Frames, Mattresses, Clothes Storage Areas, Wasps Nests, Structural Voids, Pantries, Furniture (Upholstered), Pet Areas, Pet Bedding, Pet Quarters, Pet Living/Sleeping Areas, Attics, False Ceilings, Crawl Spaces, Outdoor Areas.

Yield N/A
Mixture|Application N/A

Crack & Crevice Treatment: Inject P.I. into cracks and crevices or void spaces where insects may be harboring, living, and breeding. Place the injector tip into cracks, crevices, holes, and other small openings. Apply a product for 1 second. For light infestations, move the injector tip along cracks while treating at the rate of 3 linear feet per second. For heavy infestations, move the injector tip along at 1 linear foot per second. To treat inaccessible voids (including wall and equipment voids), calculate the void's cubic area and treat at the rate of 5 to 10 seconds per 3 cu. ft. Several holes may be required in long-running voids.

Indoor Treatment Cluster Flies, Flies, Fruit Flies, Gnats, Horn Flies, House Flies, Mosquitoes, Small Flying Moths and Stable Flies: Apply as a space treatment at a rate of 1 to 3 seconds per 1,000 cu. ft. Close all windows and doors. Direct fog upward and disperse in all locations. Keep the area closed for 15 minutes. Open and ventilate before reoccupying.

Cluster Flies, Wasps, and Bees in Structual Voids: For treatment of these pests, locate all insect entrances and close all but one opening. Determine size of void. Inject 5 to 10 seconds per 3 cu. ft. of void into remaining opening. For best results, treat at dusk or later.

See Product Label for complete instructions

Shipping Restrictions AK, HI

Can not be shipped by expedited choices, per air regulations.

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