Pramitol 5 PS Herbicide Pellets

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Pramitol 5 PS Herbicide Pellets - 25 lbs
Pramitol 5 PS Herbicide Pellets - 25 lbs
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Be careful with this product. You won't be able to grow anything where you put it for at least a year. Also, don't put it on a slope. The rain will wash it down hill and affect areas you did not intend to treat.

Product Information

Pramitol 5 PS Herbicide Pellets

Pramitol 5PS Herbicide Pellets, like Pramitol 25 E is intended for bare ground weed control in a convenient granular or pelleted form. Pramitol 5 PS is sprinkled on annual and perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses for total vegetation control in noncrop areas. Known for the control of difficult weeds like Johnson grass and bindweed, it is easy to use around fence lines, building and other places where you want total vegetation control and bare ground.

When to Apply Pramitol 5 PS

It is best applied before or right after plant growth begins.

How Pramitol Granules Work

Pramitol 5PS Granules enter the plants through their roots. The effectiveness of Pramitol granules depend on rainfall to move the chemical into the root zone. Dry soil or lack of rainfall may result in poor weed control.

As a non selective herbicide, use only in areas where complete control of vegetation is desired.

  • Non-Selective herbicide
  • 25 lbs covers up to 7,125 square ft.

Be careful of use if there is potential water runoff into areas that are desired vegetation, since Pramitol 5 PS is a non selective herbicide and is designed for total control. This product can be spread by runoff water. Consider the drip line around trees. Stay away double the drip line. For example, if you have a tree 15 foot wide in foliage, stay away 15 feet from the trunk all the way around the tree.

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Target Pest

Annual broadleaf weeds and grasses, Most perennial broadleaf weeds and grasses.

Active Ingredient (s) Prometon 5.00%,Simazine 0.76%,Sodium chlorate 39.80%,Sodium metaborate 40.00%
For Use : Bare ground weed control around buildings, storage areas, fences, pumps, machinery, fuel tanks, recreational areas, roadways, guard rails, airports, military installations, highway medians, pipelines, railroads, lumberyards, rights-of-way, industrial sites (including but not limited to cross connects, pedestals, transformers, vaults, buried cable closures, telephone booths, fire plugs), and similar areas.
Yield 25 lbs covers up to 7,125 square ft
Mixture|Application N/A
Annual broadleaf weeds
and grasses
0.35-0.46 lb./100 sq. ft.
(equivalent to 152-200 lbs./acre)
Most perennial broadleaf
weeds and grasses
0.70-0.92 lb./100 sq. ft.
(equivalent to 304-400 lbs./acre)
The higher rates listed should be used in areas
having a long growing season or high rainfall.
The higher rates will also provide longer residual
Retreatment As needed
Shipping Restrictions AK, CA, HI
More Instructions

Environmental Concerns: Because one of the ingredients in Pramital 5PS, Simazine has been found in groundwater, do not apply where the water table is close to the surface and where the soils are very permeable, i.e., well-drained soils such as loamy sands. Users are advised to consult with their local agricultural agencies to obtain information on the location of groundwater and the type of soil in their area. Users are advised to consult with their local agricultural agencies to obtain information on the location of groundwater and the type of soil in their area..

1. Feeder roots of desirable plants often extend far beyond the drip line of the branches. Do not apply this product or drain or flush application equipment in locations where the chemical may come into contact with root zones of desirable trees, shrubs, or plants or injury may occur.
2. Do not use on land to be cropped.
3. Do not use for weed control in greenhouses.
4. Wash out equipment after application. Dispose of rinsate as indicated under the STORAGE AND DISPOSAL section of this label. Do not use equipment to apply other pesticides or fertilizers.

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