Questions/Answers Do It Yourself Pest Control



Am I capable of doing my own pest control?

Sure you can!  As a matter of fact, most of our customers find that not only can they do it, but they do it better than their exterminator. A motivated home owner with our full staff of pest management professionals behind them to offer top notch support and guidance, should make any household pest think twice.


I'm terrified of bugs, how do I treat for them?

Getting familiar with different pest is often the best way to overcome a fear of them. Knowledge is power!

Our site is chock full of articles and how-to's to arm you with the information you'll need to do the job safely and effectively.


How do I identify the type of pest I have?

We have hundreds of color photos and insect identification guides to help you determine which pest you have, but don't worry. If you get stumped you are only a phone call or email away from one of our many experienced technicians. In addition, we have on staff two members of the Entomological Society of America.They really know their bugs!


Is doing my own pest control safe?

All of our products are EPA registered and when used according to the directions will be safe for all of your family members (including the family pets).We furnish product labels and Material Safety Data Sheets online for every product we sell, and we encourage you to take the time to read the complete instructions.This will make you a safer and more effective "do it yourselfer".



Should I use pesticides or an eco friendly alternative?

With America going "green", the choices for dealing with pest problems in a low impact of eco-friendly manner have never been better. We carry a full line of environmentally friendly products and our staff members can guide you in choosing the right product for the job.



Are there ways to prevent having the pests in the first place?

Along with the information on each pest we profile, we include any measures that should be taken to prevent them .Sometimes a simple landscaping tip can eliminate the need for a pesticide application, saving money, time, and aggravation.



I have young children/pets, how can I safely treat for pests in my home?

Having small children and/or pets may impact what chemical you choose or the way you apply it. Feel free to call or email us and discuss any questions or concerns you have. Rest assured, our first priority is the safety of our customers.



How do I know where to treat?

In each pest profile on our site we talk about the various treatment options including what to use and how and where to use it.In addition the product labels posted on the site, list where and how to apply each product. With this level of guidance, you can be assured of doing it right the first time.



How do I know what product is right for me? There are so many choices.

While there is no one product that is always best, there is likely a product that you will feel most comfortable with. We offer as much information as possible about each product so you can choose a safe and effective solution. Our technicians are "active in the field"; so there is a good chance that they have used any product you have questions about. They can use their first hand experience to make sure you get the best possible product for your situation.



Is there a difference between these products and the ones at the home improvement stores/hardware stores?

All of our products are used by professional exterminators. These aren't the watered down products you'll find in the hardware stores or home improvement centers such as Home Depot, Lowes, ect.

We sell to pest professionals and home owners alike. As with most endeavors, getting the right product for the job, and getting good advice on using it, will make all the difference. Our customers are very informed and very motivated to handle their pest problems.The fact that they save a great deal of money doing it is just icing on the cake!

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