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Reward Landscape and Aquatic Herbicide - Gallon
Reward Landscape and Aquatic Herbicide - Gallon
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Compare Reward Herbicide to Alligare's Diquat Herbicide or Agrisel's Diquat Herbicide. Both contain Diquat dibromide 37.3% and work the same.

Product Information

Reward Landscape and Aquatic Herbicide - Submersed Weeds

As an aquatic herbicide, Reward works quickly as a broad spectrum, non-selective chemical product for submersed weeds. Submersed weeds are usually rooted in the bottom sediment of ponds and lakes. They can grow to different heights; all submersed weeds contribute to nuisance conditions. Reward is recommended for ponds and along lakeshore areas.

Compare Reward Herbicide to Alligare's Diquat Herbicide or Agrisel's Diquat Herbicide. Both contain Diquat dibromide 37.3% and work the same.

The submersed weeds that Reward Landscape /Aquatic Herbicide is particulary effective are elodea, Euurasian watermilfoil, coontail and duckweed.

The plants absorb Reward in a few minutes. As additional benefits, Reward has no toxicity to fish or wildlife and no swimming restrictions. Since Reward is absorbed by the aquatic vegetation and plants above ground, it's concentration is decreased in the environment , and there is low risk of environmental damage.

Compare Reward Herbicide to Agrisel's Diquat Herbicide. Both contain Diquat dibromide 37.3% and work the same.

Reward Herbicide - Works Above Ground As Well

Reward will work for labeled weeds above ground in a couple days. Since Reward is contact and desiccant herbicide, avoid drifts to desirable plants. In order to get control, it is necessary to obtain complete control. For optimum results, apply to actively growing, young weeds that growth has not become too dense. Muddy foliage or turbid waters will interfere with absorption, reducing the effectiveness. The use of a non-ionic surfactant, such as Alligare Surface will help the effectiveness of Reward Herbicide.

How Reward with Diquat Dibromide Works

Reward contains Diquat Dibromide that interferes with the photosynthesis in green plant tissues. Since it interferes with the photosynthesis in green plant tissues, the weeds should be green and actively growing for optimum results.

Product Label Product Label
Target Pest

Control of Grassy and broadleaf weeds as well as aquatic weeds. Controls Water lettuce , Water hyacinth , Duckweed , Salvinia spp , Pennywort , Frog’s Bit1 , Cattails , Bladderwort , Hydrilla , Watermilfoils including Eurasian ,Pondweeds , Coontail , Elodea , Brazilian Elodea , Naiad •Algae (partially) . Please refer to the product label for a complete list of target weed plants.

Active Ingredient (s) Diquat dibromide 37.3%
For Use :

Commercial greenhouses and nurseries; on ornamental seed crops (flowers, bulbs, etc - except in the state of California); landscape, industrial, recreational, residential, and public areas; dormant established turfgrass; turf renovation (except commercial sod farms); and aquatic areas.

Yield 16 to 32 oz. per 15 gals of water. 1 Gallon Reward treats 1/4 to 1/2 Acres. Dilution rates will depend on the targets and treatment options; see product label.
Mixture|Application N/A

Using a backpack sprayer or tank sprayer, dilute Reward with a minimum of 9 parts water. First determine the volume needed in acre feet. Spray uniformly over the water in coarse droplets for better penetration.

Reward Example:

  • Sample 100ft x 100ft Lakeshore Lot (.23 Acre) 4 ft. avg. depth Amount of Reward required: 0.46 Gal for Submerged weeds.
  • Sample 148ft x 148ft Pond (.50 Acre) 4 ft. avg. depth Amount of Reward required: One Gal for Submerged weeds.

Duckweed control is recommended by the label to be used with a non-ionic surfactant. For algae control, the non-ionic surfactant is highly recommended.

Best time to begin treatment is in spring time; before heavy foligae occurs later. Application is best on a sunny day, when the young plants are involved in the photosyntheis process. Reward Herbicide is best applied on calm waters. The best time to apply Reward Herbicide is when photosynthesis is in play for at least three hours. It may be better to apply it earlier in the day instead of late afternoons.

Shipping Restrictions WA
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Water Use Restrictions

Active Ingredients: Diquat dibromide
Weight % Active Ingredient: 37.3
EPA Reg.No. 100-1091
  Number of Days
Human Drinking 1 - 3
Human Swimming 0
Human Fish Consumption 0
Animal Drinking 1 - 3
Turf Irrigation 1 - 3
Forage Irrigation 1 - 3
Food Crop Irrigation 1 - 3

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