Mouse Exclusion


Keep Mice Out

Mouse exclusion can be done at any time of the year, with or without mice inside the building. All entry points outside from ¼ inch up should be blocked with copper mesh (Stuf-Fit). Copper mesh works better than steel wool because it will not rust. Another product to mouse proof buildings is PUR Black Gun Foam. This expandable foam which bonds to surfaces. It is ideal in cracks or voids where rodents may enter.

Close Entry Points

  • Entry points include dryer vents, plumbing, electric outlets, fireplaces, etc. Close openings over 1/4", particularly around windows and doors.
  • Tighten seals around pipes, drains and vents.


  • All tree limbs should be trimmed so that there are no limbs overhanging or touching it.
  • All shrubbery should be trimmed to at least 18 inches away from the building.
  • Wood piles or other hiding places should not be close to the building.
  • Remove water and food sources.

Remove water and food sources.

Keep tight lids on garbage.


Store pet food in tight fitting containers.

Keep kitchen clean.

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