Multiple Mouse Traps


Multiple Mouse Traps

Humane Mouse Traps and Wind Up Traps are both live mouse traps for capturing multiple mice. After catching the mouse, you can choose to dispose of it by taking it far away. Some of these traps are multiple catch, catching several mice in one setting. Since mice are social rodents, once one mouse enters a trap, the others will follow.

The Kness Wind Up Trap has long been a standard in the industry for wind up traps. They are well made and made in the USA. It is possible to catch mice alive in wind up traps, but the mechanism of the trap often stuns them as they flip over into the receiving compartment.

Humane Mouse Traps include:  Victor Tin Cat Mouse Trap, Kness Tip Mouse Trap and Little Pete Mice Traps.

Inspection and Sanitation

  • When using any type of mouse traps, first inspect for rodent activity. Place the mice traps along their runways. Typical runways are along walls and baseboards.
  • Remove any harborage areas and include sanitation procedures to reduce the rodent population. Remove garbage and any excess spilled food in the kitchens. Removing any other food sources would cause the rodent to want to take the lure already on the mice trap.

Humane & Wind Up Trap Placements

The most common mistake in placing all mice traps( including glue and snap traps) is to set out too few traps. Most always, the rodent population is underestimated. This results in too few traps used; the rodent population continues to build up. Place multiple wind up traps  and live traps at intervals of 10-15 feet along walls and baseboards.


After the Catch

When releasing these trapped mice, go a distance from the home and exclude all possible entry points. Copper Mesh and PUR Black Gun Foam are two recommended exclusion materials.


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