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Rodotrak Stations (Single Stations)
Rodotrak Stations (Single Stations)
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Rodotrak Kit (3 Stations, UV light, and Amber Glasses)
Rodotrak Kit (3 Stations, UV light, and Amber Glasses)
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Product Information

Rodotrak Rodent Detection System

Rodotrak Rodent Detection System includes a ready-to-use rodent station that incorporates a cotton-blend fiber with a non-toxic fluorescent powder. This environmentally safe, non-toxic fluorescent powder coats rodents' bodies and fur. After leaving the station, the rodents leave fluorescent trails that are easily traced using an ultraviolet (UV) flashlight.

The non-toxic fibrous material (cotton-blend fiber) measures approximately 8 inches long and can cover up to 15 linear feet outside and inside. It remains viable for 4-8 weeks.

* Tip-A minimum order of 3 stations is needed for effective area coverage.

Top Features

  • Monitor and detect rodent activity quickly
  • Track rodents to nesting sites and entry points
  • No poisons or harmful ingredients in our products
  • Interior or exterior use

How Rodotrak Works

  • Rodotrak detects the rodents presence
  • Monitor and detect rodent activity easily and quickly.
  • Rodotrak shows the source of entry
  • Track rodents to nesting sites and entry points.
  • After the rodents leave the RodoTrak station, they form a trail of a foot or “body” prints as they shed and smear the fluorescent powder against all contact surfaces.
  • Exclude the rodents by blocking them out.
  • Track rodents to nesting sites and entry points and exclude them.
  • If you can not exclude them, place mice control products or rat control products. in the areas they are running discovered by the glowing powder.
Packaging Single Stations and Rodotrac kit (3 Rodotrak stations, UV rodent tracker light, and Amber Glasses)
Product Label Instructions
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For Use :

Indoors or Outdoors

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Interior: This detection system monitors mouse activity in basements, crawl spaces, attics, garages, and outbuildings. Placement should be approximately 15 feet apart.

Basements: Place the RodoTrak stations on the sill plate of foundation walls and along perimeter walls, secured as needed.

Crawl spaces: Placement on sill plate of foundation walls and crawl space flooring along perimeter walls.

Attics: Placement should be along perimeter walls. Garages/Out Buildings: placement of RodoTrak stations should be along perimeter walls.

Exterior use:

  1. Move along the structure's exterior to be inspected, placing stations along the perimeter wall approximately every 15 feet.
  2. Place RodoTrak stations on clean, solid ground, producing better results than an area littered with leaves, thick foliage, or other obstructions.
  3. Do not disturb the placement of the stations. 
  4. Anchor RodoTrak stations into the soil or soft surface and always place the RodoTrak stations with the labels up. The initial inspection should be approximately 2-5 days after the installation of RodoTrak stations.

Inspection: Inspect during dry weather, preferably after dusk or pre-dawn, as bright light will affect the ability of the UV detection flashlight to enhance fluorescent powder. If heavy rain is on the same day forecast, it is best to delay the initial setting.

  1. First, check each Rodotrak station thoroughly. Pay special attention to the underside of shingles, missing foundation masonry, bottom of doors, etc.
  2. A second and third inspection is recommended at 7 to 10-day intervals until locations are found. Before or during the sealing of all holes found, it may be necessary to set rodent traps in the inspected structure to remove the rodent population.

Set Traps: Set mice traps in active areas inside the structure adjacent to exterior access points found. Use set traps per safety instructions around children and pets.
Humane mouse traps can also be used in the same fashion. Please check all humane traps daily.

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More Instructions

Although all materials and bait are considered non-toxic, always wear a dust mask & gloves while handling stations.

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