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Stryker Insecticide Concentrate (8 oz)
Stryker Insecticide Concentrate (8 oz)
Stryker Insecticide Concentrate-Pt. (16 oz)
Stryker Insecticide Concentrate-Pt. (16 oz)
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Stryker Insecticide Concentrate-Gallon (128 oz)
Stryker Insecticide Concentrate-Gallon (128 oz)
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Product Information

Stryker Insecticide Concentrate (Compare To Exciter or Kicker)

Stryker (pronounced "Striker") combines two active ingredients, 6% Pyrethrins, 60% Piperonyl Butoxide PBO. Compare this pyrethrum synergist product to Exciter or Kicker. Stryker is more economical, with the same active ingredients percentages and labels.

How To Use Stryker Insecticide

This concentrate may be used alone or combined with other insecticides. When used alone, it works as a quick kill and contact spray. It may be used as a clean up or pre-harvest spray. Its active ingredient, Pyrethrin, is a botanical insecticide.

Stryker may be combined with a residual insecticide or IGR (insect growth regulator); providing long term control. Most pest control operators use it as a tank mix, combined with a residual insecticide to enhance the effectiveness of the residual. The pyrethrins in Stryker may also be used to flush out hidden insects forcing them out of hiding areas.

Stryker Concentrate may be used in ULV foggers as a fogging insecticide against flying insects.

Type of Sprayer Coverage Areas
Pump Sprayer
Best for Spot Spraying - Inside or Outside
  • Add required Stryker concentrate and water; adjust nozzle to course spray, and spray 12" from targeted area.
Dial-Hose Sprayer or Hose End Sprayers
Best for Spraying Larger Areas - Outside
  • Fill Stryker concentrate; do not add water.
  • Dial Sprayer: Set dial to correct oz per gallon, hook to garden hose and spray.
  • Hose End Sprayer: Fill Hose End Sprayer jar to required fluid level of Stryker; add water to "gallons" level.

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Packaging 8 oz or pt (16 oz ) or gallon (128 oz)
Product Label Label
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Target Pest Stryker Insecticide Concentrate may be use in wide area Mosquito control, Flies, Cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Biting Flies, Fleas, Ants,Silverfish, Stink Bugs, Gypsy Moth Caterpillars and more listed insects
Active Ingredient (s) 6% Pyrethrins, 60% Piperonyl Butoxide PBO
For Use : Stryker Insecticide Concentrate is for use in and around residential buildings and structures. It may be used in greenhouses, and industrial and commercial buildings. It is labeled for use in both food and non-food areas of food handling establishments. It may be used on ornamental, greenhouse plants, stored products, livestock, and modes of transportation.
Yield Outdoor treatments: 1 pt treats up to 1 acre | ULV treatments : 1 pt treats up to 48,000 cubic feet
Mixture|Application ULV Foggers as a space treatment. It may be used in a hose end sprayer or pump sprayer as surface, spot, or crack and crevice treatments both inside and outside for a variety of insects.
  • ULV (non thermal), Aerosol and Mechanical Generators (Cold Foggers): Stryker may be applied for mosquito and fly control.
  • To use as a space spray to kill flying insects in a ULV machine use at a rate of 0.5 -1 oz per 1000 cubic feet. Direct spray towards ceiling and upper corners of rooms. Ventilate for 30 minutes. As a void treatment (inaccessible voids), use 0.33 oz per 1,000 cubic feet.
  • Tank mix about 0.5 oz of Stryker per gallon of water with residual insecticide to kill a variety of insects and apply as labeled.
  • Hydoponic Insecticide: Stryker can be used as a hydroponic insecticide to kill aquatic diptera larvae. Use 64.6 -0.646 milliliters of Stryker with 10,000 gallons of water. 
  • LIvestock and Poultry Spray: Stryker may be applied directly to animals to kill lice, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, gnats, horse flies, house flies, mosquitoes, and other flies; use 1-3 oz per gallon of water. See label for complete instructions.
  • Stryker may be used on listed plants at rate of 2-16 oz per acre with enough water for complete coverage of upper and lower leaf surfaces.

Tank Mixing Instructions

  • Greenhouse Flowers, Foliage Plants, Fruits and Vegetables:  When used with a residual insecticide, tank mix 1-4 oz of Stryker with proper amounts of residual insecticide in 100 gallons of water. Treat a limited number of plants for phytotoxicity , before widespread applications in greenhouses.
  • Outdoor Flowers, Foliage Plants, Shrubs and Trees: To kill exposed stages of listed insects, tank mix 1-4 oz of Stryker with proper amounts of residual insecticide in 100 gallons of water
  • Gypsy Moth Caterpillars and Adults Outdoors: Stryker provides a quick knockdown, tank mix 1-4 oz of Stryker with proper amounts of residual insecticide in 100 gallons of water.
  • Turf and Grass: See application table on the product label.
  • Fleas and Ticks in buildings: Stryker may be used with a residual insecticide for a quick kill of adult fleas. Mix 0.5-1.0 ounces of Stryker with proper amounts of residual insecticide in 1 gallon of water. It may be combined with an IGR (insect growth regulator).
  • Surface Spray in homes, restaurants, food processing plants, and warehouses: Used as a flushing and quick knockdown combination, mix 1/4- 1/2 oz per gallon and the proper amount of residual insecticide. For German roaches, use 2.12-4.25 combined with proper amounts of a residual insecticide.
Retreatment See label
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