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SureGuard Herbicide - 5 lb
SureGuard Herbicide - 5 lb
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SureGuard can sterilize the soil so that nothing will grow there for up to 8 months! It's great for gravel driveways, paths, and other areas that need to be kept vegetation-free.

Product Information

SureGuard Herbicide - Long Lasting

SureGuard Herbicide is a pre and post emergent herbicide for a broad spectrum of grassy and broadleaf weeds for landscape weed control. It keeps the weeds away from trees and shrubs in ornamental beds. It also may be used as a bare ground (soil sterilant) herbicide that lasts up to 8 months. As a pre-emergent herbicide, it provides suburb, long residual control of tough weeds such as spurge, bittercress, oxalis, common groundsel and crabgrass. Not only is it long lasting, but has very low use rate; I lb covers up to 2 acres.

Bare Ground Application- Last About One Year

  • Pre-emergence:If you are starting with bare ground and you want to keep it that way mix 1.25 teaspoons of SureGuard  in 1 gallon of water and apply that over 430 square feet.
  • Post-emergence:  If you are starting with vegetation on the ground and you want to kill it and maintain it as bare ground mix 1.25 teaspoons of SureGuard and 2 ounces of 41% `glyphosate (Eraser) in 1 gallon of water and apply that over 430 square feet.

General Mixing Instructions

  • Mix 0 .75 to 1.25 tablespoons of Safeguard in 1 gallon of water and apply to 430 square feet. surface.
  • If tank mixing SureGuard with other labeled herbicides, add water soluble bags first, followed by dry formulations, flowables, emulsifiable concentrates and then solutions. Prepare no more spray mixture than is required for the immediate spray operation.
  • Add any required adjuvants.
  • Fill spray tank to desired level with water. Continue agitation until spray solution has been applied.
  • Mix only the amount of spray solution that can be applied the day of mixing. Apply SureGuard within 12 hours of mixing.

Tank Mix Glyphosate and SureGuard

A mixture of Glyphosate and Sureguard provides a longer residual and faster knockdown than using Glyphosate alone. It gives a faster postemergence control than Glyphosate alone; postemergence and preemergence control of the widest spectrum of broadleaf and grassy weeds, even glyphosate-resistant weeds. We recommend mix with Eraser (Glyphosate) and Dyne Amic Surfactant for best results. See how Glyphosate works with SureGuard and how Glyphosate works alone in the video below.

Best Features

  • Unprecedented weed control in ornamental trees and shrubs
  • Longest residual control on the market
  • Fast and effective postemergence weed control
  • SureGuard enhances the performance of glyphosate when used as a tank mix partner—even on glyphosate-resistant weeds

More Information

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Target Pest

Bittercress, chickweed, groundsel, oxalis ,palmer amaranth, spiny amaranth, spurge annual bluegrass (suppression), annual sowthistle, barnyardgrass (suppression), birdseye pearlwort (suppression), black nightshade, bristly foxtail (suppression), bristly starbur (suppression), broadleaf plantain (suppression), buckhorn plantain (suppression), California burclover, California lovegrass (suppression), Canada thistle (suppression), Carolina geranium, carpetweed, coffee senna, common lambsquarter,s common mallow, common purslane, common ragweed, common waterhemp, dandelion (suppression), dogfennel, doveweed, Eastern black nightshade, eclipta, entireleaf morningglory, fall panicum (suppression), field pennycress, Florida beggarweed, Florida pusley, giant foxtail (suppression), giant ragweed, goosegrass (suppression), green foxtail (suppression), green kyllinga (suppression), ground ivy (suppression), hairy galinsoga, hairy indigo, hairy nightshade, hemp sesbania, henbit, hoary alyssum, horseweed (suppression), ivyleaf morningglory, jimsonweed, kochia, ladysthumb, large crabgrass (suppression), little mallow, liverwort, longstalked phyllanthus, mayweed, moss, parsley-piert ,Pennsylvania smartweed, pineapple-weed (suppression), prickly sida (teaweed), prostrate pigweed puncturevine red/scarlet morningglory redmaids redroot pigweed redstem filaree (suppression) redweed Russian thistle shepherd’s-purse signalgrass (supression), smallflower morningglory, smooth crabgrass (suppression), smooth pigweed, Southern crabgrass (suppression), tall morningglory, tall waterhemp, Texax panicum (suppression), tropic croton, tumble mustard, tumble pigweed, velvetleaf, Venice mallow, wild mustard, wild poinsettia, yellow foxtail, yellow rocket, and yellow woodsorrel.

Active Ingredient (s) Flumioxazin - 51%
For Use : Outdoor ornamentals, baregrounds, landscapes, container and field grown conifers and deciduous trees, around established woody ornamentals in landscapes and to maintain bare ground non-crop areas, and other listed areas
Yield N/A
Mixture|Application For bare ground soil sterilization mix 1.25 teaspoons of SureGuard in 1 gallon of water and spray it over 430 square feet or 8 to 12 oz. per acre.
Shipping Restrictions AK, CT, NY
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